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    ´╗┐Most Popular Hedge Plants for Your Backyard. Hedge plants are very versatile and they can serve many functions. They are mostly employed to produce a organic hedge about the house. They can serve as partitions and barriers for privacy. Some hedge plants are also utilised for ornamental functions.

    Tall hedges like Thuja Green Giant, Canadian hemlock, Leyland Cypress, Hybrid Poplar and Siberian Pea Shrub are best for screening purposes. These quick growing hedges are excellent barriers and they can supply shelter from direct winds.

    Some of the widespread hedge plants that are widely utilized in the gardens are:

    California Privet: California Privet is also recognized as Ligustrum Ovalifolium. This is a semi-evergreen shrub that is extensively utilized for hedging. Privet has quite dense foliage and it produces tiny and fragrant flowers. It can become invasive so it is advisable to sustain the plants properly otherwise they can get out of hands. It is recommended to prune occasionally to keep clean and desirable shape. The shrub can attain up to a height of five-15 feet on maturity.

    Boxwood: Boxwood shrub belongs to the Buxus genus. It is a slow increasing evergreen shrub that comes in a lot of diverse types. The most frequently employed boxwood types are English Boxwood, Green Velvet Boxwood and American Boxwood. Apart from becoming utilised as hedge plants these shrubs are also frequently used for topiary. Boxwood shrubs have small vibrant green evergreen leaves that look quite clean and attractive if pruned routinely.

    American Holly: American Holly is also acknowledged as Ilex Opaca. They are beautiful shrubs that can be utilized for landscaping purposes. Holly is an evergreen tree that produces tiny red colored berries for the duration of winter months. It has prickly leaves that remain green throughout the yr. It can be grown as a medium size tree or a hedge plant. Holly is a reduced upkeep shrub or tree that can develop on a various soils. It thrives in complete to partial sun.

    Arborvitaes: Arborvitaes are widespread hedge plants that are also known as Thuja. There are a lot of varieties of Arborvitaes and some of the frequent ones include American Arborvitaes, Eastern Arborvitaes, Pyramid Arborvitaes and Thuja Green Giant. All of these are rapidly growing tall trees which are evergreen in nature. They have scale like leaves that are dark green in colour.
    Outsunny 3m x 4m Gazebo Marquee W/ Sidewalls-Coffee Colour The leaves are usually flattened and organized in a fan like shape. Thuja trees can attain up to a height of 10-50 feet on maturity.

    Other widespread hedge plants or shrubs that can be grown in property gardens are Yews, Japanese Laurel, Firethorn, Hawthorn and so on.