• The rookies exclaimed. Just a moment ago, they saw Shi Xiaobai engaging in a massacre, and the following second, an ugly dragon all of a sudden appeared out of thin air, devouring Shi Xiaobai into its stomach.

    The crowd stared with widened eyes as their breathing stopped. They identified the scene that had happened unbelievable. What was far…[Read more]

  • Within the icy grave, the remaining three mages were practically finished with their incantation.

    Benjamin did not do anything at all to stop them.

    Sustaining the state of the giant icy grave had consumed most of his energy. He did not have added spiritual vitality to attack them. That getting said, he was not also concerned about the…[Read more]

  • All the survivors felt a stabbing soreness in their eyes as their vision had been totally covered in white. Their entire body looks to as if covered in some sort of membrane, but no a single seem to be to perceive it.

    After a couple of seconds, the white light dispersed, and everyone’s line of sight progressively returned to…[Read more]

  • Bai Qi retracted his gaze and stepped towards Chen Xiaolian.

    Chen Xiaolian observed that every single stage taken by Bai Qi appeared heavy. It even appeared as however he was… somewhat stumbling.

    Physical appearance sensible, it appeared that he was not in excellent form.

    "Are you all correct?" Chen Xiaolian frowned.

    Out of the blue,…[Read more]

  • Most of the children who lived in Ishana attended an academy located at the centre of the city. It was adjoined with the Mage’s Guild.

    The U-shaped buildings have been created dealing with every other. There was a thick green garden of a courtyard interposing, connecting the two establishments. It was attainable to go back and forth…[Read more]

  • The battle had been misplaced as well swiftly.

    All Goldensnake could see was Qin Yun release a handful of moves, but a single issue was specified. "This Qin Yun will be a tricky opponent!"

    "You did just finish a battle. I will not take benefit of you." Patriarch Goldensnake explained with a cold tone from the ground. It left anyone who heard…[Read more]

  • Zhao Hai frowned, then he said, "That is impossible. The Divine Race knows about our strength. And with your three races, it would be impossible for them to surround us. Luring us deep into the continent would be an unwise decision."

    Fei’er knit his brows as he added, "I agree with mister. It might seem like the Divine Race had a lot of troops…[Read more]

  • Luckily, he needn’t do the manual selection of the rice by himself as the system provided rice that had been well selected.

    Then Yuan Zhou began to wash and soak the rice. Even if Yuan Zhou was fast, it still took half an hour to finish. During the period, Yuan Zhou first went to feed Broth dinner, a bowl of noodle broth from his…[Read more]

  • The ramsey squad, absolute squad and the grayum squad had already pushed the goblins to a side and almost achieved victory.



    The goblins throw their weapons and flee.

    "Chase them!"

    "Don’t lose them!"


    The three squads chase the escaping goblins.

    "We are also speeding up!"

    Gale hit the…[Read more]

  • Jana, Raban, and Cornelius were the cream of the crop. Raban’s subordinates were formal cavalry from the Karsuk Highlands and they were elite scouts who had fought off Madara’s undead. Each member was more formidable than the ordinary mercenaries.

    But they were not the strongest unit.

    Leto and the mercenaries under him were even more…[Read more]

  • The group of people looked at each other and left. They knew that having used his professional status to criticize Zhang Ye, Deputy Station Head Jia was now feeling the pain of being smacked in the face! Trash program? Anyone who has eyes would know that that a talk show would not succeed? Deputy Station Head Jia’s words appeared in everyone’s…[Read more]

  • The other metals, violet jade, smithing table, etc. were placed outside on the earthen ground. This was because they would not be affected by any contact with ground and it was not suitable to have them in his ‘room’.

    Thinking about the divine connection he shared with the woman, he contemplated about how power determined everything in a world.…[Read more]

  • When the Shark Ancestor caught sight of these light spots, his face changed, "These are Shengyang Pills!"

    When Ling Wuwei saw these, he too was equally stumped. He hadn’t expected for these treasures to come popping up by themselves!

    He then looked over at that figure floating up in the void with that long white robe that was fluttering in…[Read more]

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