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    Zhao Hai frowned, then he said, "That is impossible. The Divine Race knows about our strength. And with your three races, it would be impossible for them to surround us. Luring us deep into the continent would be an unwise decision."

    Fei’er knit his brows as he added, "I agree with mister. It might seem like the Divine Race had a lot of troops to face us, but mister might not have noticed that there were a lot of recruits among them. For these people, their emotions greatly affected their performance. After Lu Wei was eliminated and mister appeared with his ship, they were immediately routed. If this was the true Divine Race army, this would not happen."

    Zhao Hai nodded, he knew the tenacity of a regular Divine Race army. They have fought in the Accra Mountains for days without anybody abandoning the army. The soldiers this time were very quick to go back.

    Fei’er looked at Zhao Hai and said, "Therefore, I think that the Divine Race didn’t have regular troops available right now. Those Divines we faced today might have been composed of civilians. This would explain their lack of will. If this is the case, then it would be unlikely for the Divine Race to lure us into the continent. That would just be a death wish."

    Yue frowned, then he said, "What about the Divines doing this intentionally? They sent such an army so that we could be confident when entering the Taurus Continent. Then they would deal with us."

    Zhao Hai also frowned, then he turned his head to the others and said, "Thinking about it at this time is useless. How about we just follow our original plan. You can leave the spatial rift to me. Fei’er, you go and send elite troops to contact your people. Go and see their current situation. Also, give a deadline to the person you’ve sent. If they don’t return by that time, then it means that your people are in dire state. What we need to do now is confront the Divines in Holy Light City. Let’s not think about going too deep."

    Fei’er and the others nodded. Then the Demon Dragon King, who had not yet spoken, said, "Mister, have you thought about the simplest possibility? Maybe before Lu Wei appeared, the Divine Race already took their people back. That is to say, Lu Wei only came here to deal with you. If this was the case, then that would be a reasonable explanation for this."

    As soon as he heard the Demon Dragon King, Zhao Hai stared blankly. He smiled bitterly and said, "It seems you’re right. It’s possible that we’ve been thinking about it too much. But in any case, we still cannot underestimate the Divine Race. Let’s go according to our plan. We must capture Holy Light city and make it our base."

    Fei’er and the others were also thinking that this was their safest choice. So they gave Zhao Hai an approving nod. Zhao Hai looked at the group and then said, "If there’s nothing else, then I won’t be holding you back for long. Demon Dragon, help me rebuild the defensive line. Have the Devil Legion guard the place as well, we need to ensure the safety of our retreat. I will leave magic cannons and javelins to you. Right we should study the Divine Race ballistas. I want to know the reason why they shoot much further."

    When he heard Zhao Hai, Fei’er smiled faintly and said, "Mister, there’s no need to think about the ballistas. The reason they shoot farther is simply because they used more advanced materials. The inhabitants aren’t the only strong people in the Divine Realm. The the plants and beasts are stronger as well. Because of this, it’s natural for the ballistas made here to be better than the ones in the Ark Continent."

    Zhao Hai thought about it and nodded, "So it’s like that. Haha. I’ve been thinking too much into things lately. It seems like we should remake our javelins with materials from the Divine Realm. This way, it’ll be better for us to deal with the Divine Race."

    The group gave a chuckle. Zhao Hai looked at them and then said, "You don’t have to worry about supplies, I’ll take care of it. Right, have your messenger ask if your people need anything. I’ll try my best to provide some help."

    Fei’er and the others nodded. Although their faces were calm, all of them knew that their people were having a hard time. This was especially true when it came to weapons. Meanwhile, Zhao Hai had a lot of good weapons. Magic cannons, javelins, and even defensive magic formations. All of these things are very useful against the Divine Race. If Zhao Hai could provide them, then their people would be more relaxed in their battles.

    Zhao Hai smiled and then said, "Alright, you can go back to your armies. Also, arrange some alarms. We don’t want the Divine Race to sneak an attack. Although they are frightened, we cannot rule out the possibility of counter attack."

    After Fei’er and the others left, Zhao Hai went back to the Space with the Demon Dragon King. After they entered the Space, Zhao Hai looked at Demon Dragon King and said, "Demon Dragon, when you leave, go and take the sword carriage with you. I have this ship now, so the carriage is useless to me. You can use it to improve your combat power."

    The Demon Dragon King stared, then a smile couldn’t help but bloom on his face. The Sword Chariot was the Divine Race’s Domain Weapon. Zhao Hai had used it twice before, so the Demon Dragon King knew about its might. He didn’t expect Zhao Hai to give it to him.

    Although the Demon Dragon King’s Domain was a black dragon, black dragons still had their claws, he could still hold the Domain Weapon. Having the sword carriage would surely amplify his strength. Later on, he wouldn’t be afraid of facing the Divine Race’s most powerful people.

    The Demon Dragon King quickly bowed to Zhao Hai and said, "Mister, thank you very much!"

    Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, "It’s fine, don’t be too polite. Right, I’ll have some people sent to rebuild the defensive line. Go prepare the Devil Legion and then send them there. Have them be familiar with the weapons as soon as possible."

    The Demon Dragon King nodded. Then Zhao Hai waved as he took the sword carriage out and gave it to the Demon Dragon King. Actually, domain weapons didn’t need animals to pull them. As long as its owner provides energy, then they can move by themselves. However, this was more troublesome compared to having it pulled by magic beasts. Because of this, most people would have their domain weapons pulled by magic beasts.

    Since he doesn’t need it anymore, Zhao Hai gave the domain weapon to Demon Dragon. It can be said that the Demon Dragon King was well prepared to receive it. He already had magic beasts pulling his black dragon carriage, so he didn’t need to pick his magic beasts. He can just command his dragons to pull the sword carriage instead.

    Then Zhao Hai sent the Demon Dragon King to the Demon Space before he returned to the villa. Laura and the others were currently inspecting the pagoda and the ship. At this time, the pagoda and ship were in their smaller form. The crystal pagoda looked very beautiful, like a piece of art.
    White Heaven The ship was also quite beautiful, but its ghastly vibe was something hard to like.

    Zhao Hai looked at Laura and said, "How is it? Aren’t they nice?"

    Laura nodded, then she said, "They’re nice. But I don’t like the ship. It’s gloomy, it makes me uncomfortable."

    Zhao Hai agreed, "That ship is quite a problem. I want it modified. How about we go to the processing machine. Let’s see if there’s a way to improve it."

    When Laura and the others heard this, they became excited. Then they pulled Zhao Hai to the processing machine.

    Upon arriving at the processing machine, Zhao Hai placed the pagoda and the ship on the ground before he pushed the start button. The processing machine gave out a white light, then a voice was heard, "Items rich in Yin energy detected. The two items are compatible and can be combined. Requirements for the upgrade is moon profound water, river of earth fire, golden sand, tree of life, goldmetal wood, and 1 million gold coins. Needs 48 hours to complete. Host may choose the final appearance."

    Zhao Hai stared, he didn’t think that the processing could actually combine the two items. Moreover, it seems like he could choose its shape. This surprised Zhao Hai.

    He immediately turned to the page with the item’s final form. There were numerous ships shown. But the common thing among them was that they were all very attractive.

    Zhao Hai’s eyes couldn’t help but hurt upon seeing the multiple choices. After a while, he turned to Laura and the others and said, "Which one would you choose?"

    As if in agreement, Laura and the others pointed at a picture of a ship. The ship looked very beautiful. It had a light colored hull with a pointed corner at front. It still had 18 decks, and it had a cabin with 9 floors. A flag was set up in front of the ship but the image was left blank. It seems like Zhao Hai was free to choose what flag to place there. Between the topmost deck and the cabin was another floor with a door. Behind the door was a circular pool. The pool’s pattern was like the Taiji figure. Half of it was water, the half was fire. Outside the taiji pool was the eight trigrams chart. Moreover, there were innumerable golden threads going out of it, merging throughout the ship. It looks like the pool was the one powering the ship.

    Underneath the ship was water, which was just like waves of the sea. However, it surrounded the ship, clumped up and not flowing down.

    Behind the ship were circular holes with flames blowing out from time to time.

    Besides these things, there were also cannons on both sides of the ship. There were 64 cannons on each side, 128 cannons in total.

    There were also carvings on the 18 layers of hell on the ship. Although they looked horrible, one could still look at it as some kind of unique art.

    On the top deck of the ship were four bells, one for each angle. The little bells were transparent, they seemed to be made of crystal, looking very attractive.

    Compared to the other ships, this ship was surely a step up, no wonder the women liked it. Zhao Hai smiled faintly and then said, "Good, then we’ll have this ship. As for the flag, the Buda Clan’s WIld Dragon Flag should be good. As for its name, do you have any suggestions?"

    Laura thought for a moment and said, "I don’t have any problems with the flag. As for the name, since it has carvings of hell, how about we name it Hell King’s ship? What do you think?"

    Zhao Hai looked at Lizzy and the others, who gave him a nod. Naturally, Zhao Hai wouldn’t decline this suggestion, so he nodded and said, "Alright, then this ship will be named Hell King’s ship." Then Zhao Hai pressed the screen and chose the ship’s image.

    The processing machine let out a bright light as it absorbed the tiny pagoda and the ship. Zhao Hai could also see his hard earned money being taken away. At the same time, profound moon water, the river of earth fire, golden sands, a goldmetal tree, and a tree of life also vanished from the Space.

    Zhao Hai couldn’t help but sigh upon seeing this as he said, "It took so much, let’s just hope that the result is worth it.’

    When they heard Zhao Hai, the women couldn’t help but let out a tender smile. Chapter 37: Galactic Chess of Chaos

    At last, Han collapsed. He fell down into the -170 degrees Celsius pool, his body was covered in wounds, which quickly froze in the presence of the extremely cold water.

    In fact, under such a temperature, the wounds were not the only things freezing. The cold had shut down every cell inside Han’s body.

    When Han lost his consciousness and gave up resisting, there was still one thing struggling inside his body, and that was Han’s zero-degree brain region. Under the stimulation of the extremely cold water, his zero-degree brain region was shining with a strange light, blinking on and off, like some emergency signal.

    After undergoing the extreme training, Han’s zero-degree brain region had adopted a habit: whenever the extreme cold pushed Han towards death, it would release abnormally large amounts of source energy to ensure Han’s survival.

    Pathless Origin’s extreme training method forced the fusion between Han and his inherited zero-degree brain region, not only was the potential of the power crystal fully revealed, the power and his body synced perfectly.

    This time, the zero-degree brain region still didn’t want to give up, it was struggling. However, Han already went unconscious due to fatal injuries and drug dosage.

    And this time, without the support of Han’s body, that brain region couldn’t go on by itself. After struggling for around 20 seconds, the light started to dim, eventually going out, and leaving Han’s brain in total darkness.


    On a mysterious planet in Milky Way, in a castle constructed in the forest, lived a strange old man.

    People sometimes saw him in long black dust coat lost in thought inside his backyard full with fallen leaves, with a cold, expressionless face. He never opened his mouth to talk.

    The old man didn’t have any kids, he lived in the dark castle by himself. The nearby villagers started gossiping that this old man was the incarnation of devil so they never allowed their children to go close to that castle deep in the forest.

    This strange old man was Pathless Origin, the man that led Han to the most extreme path of training and combat. His clothes were always black; Black coat, black shirt, black boots, black hat.

    Pathless Origin had a pair of very sharp ears that seemed to be capable of sensing and seeing through everything, but today he was trapped in confusion, because Han hadn’t asked him any questions for many days already.

    He always thought Han was just some little brat that bothered him every day asking random stuff, which was very annoying. But now that Han stopped, he realized that his life had become much less interesting.

    Go back to selling on the dark net?

    Don’t joke anymore, Pathless Origin’s website didn’t sell more than a few items every year. Due to his odd and impatient temper, his only customers were introduced to him by Night Walker, and most of them got so verbally abused by him that they never showed up anymore.

    Han was his only loyal customer. Although he almost never bought anything, he always asked basic and funny questions. After time passed, answering a few of Han’s questions and scolding him a few times had become an essential dose of fun every day for Pathless Origin. Now that Han had disappeared for a few days, Pathless Origin actually couldn’t really adapt.

    Di, di, di~

    Finally an email! Pathless Origin clicked it open and frowned, it was just Night Walker wanting to play chess with him.

    "This little black ****!"

    Pathless Origin cursed. He went to an old but very exquisite virtual pod in the corner of his room and laid down.


    A few seconds later, Pathless Origin and Night Walker met in the virtual world. Night Walker looked like a dork no matter how you saw him, in his gold framed glasses sitting under a big tree. Under the tree was a white chess board carved out of granite, it was quite big and looked really complicated.

    This was the Galactic Chess of Chaos, a very ancient but challenging chess. The legend said that the universe at birth was just a giant ball of chaos, incapable of separating black and white, or by planets. The way to play was not put pieces onto the board, but to take them off. Whoever controlled a larger portion of the galaxy wins.

    The younger generations barely touched this type of chess anymore simply because there were much more fun things to do out there, leaving only these nostalgic old people to still play this kind of long and dry game for fun.

    Pathless Origin sat down in front of Night Walker and mumbled, "That brat couldn’t be dead right? Before, he always annoyed me with questions on a daily basis, but now he has disappeared for many days already…"

    Night Walker slowly took away a piece, and answered, "Oh, you are talking about Han. His drug index isn’t updating anymore too, and the people on the forum were pretty angry. He’s going to lose a big chunk of his clients this time."

    Pathless Origin gave Night Walker a white eye, "Old Black, sometimes I really don’t get you. Why would you associate yourself with those ignorant retards, and try to coax a bunch of children in that stupid forum? Is it fun?"

    Night Walker shrugged his shoulders, "Of course, although the younger generations are a bit short-tempered, but they are ambitious. And now I’m someone with wife and kids, and when my daughter gets married, I will have grandchildren, and great grandchildren. So, of course it’s necessary for me to stay in touch with what the younger generations are up to these days right? And also to make some money to feed the family."

    "Money?" Pathless Origin looked at Night Walker in a strange way, it seems like he really despises money, "Old Black needs to make money? That’s the biggest joke I’ve ever heard."

    Night Walker very sincerely nodded, "Ya man, last month I made about 2 million GC, and I was so happy that I accidently agreed my daughter to give her a big house when she gets married, and I’ve been deeply regretting it ever since."

    "So, that’s why I need to work harder and make more money. There’s also my wife, she wants a big ring with a big cobalt ultramarine galactic diamond on it. I accidently agreed too… That thing costs at least 5 or 6 million GC, and now I’m still sad about it."

    "I’m saying, do you really plan on hiding in dark net forever?" Pathless Origin asked in curiosity.

    Night Walker answered plainly, "If we can’t fight it then of course we have to hide. And if we are going to hide then we have to be good at hiding. You, you named your website Origin of the Ten Thousand Paths, and your name is Pathless Origin, that’s called hiding? That’s you showcasing your ass online."

    "Mind your own business!" Pathless Origin scolded back in a rude voice.

    Night Walker smiled a bit, "But as I was saying, I don’t care about what you do on the dark net, but if you do something too out of line and cause our identity to get exposed, then I’m going to care, a lot."

    "Let me ask you, what did you really teach Han?"

    Pathless Origin lowered his head to avoid eye contact, and mumbled, "Teach him? Am I bored out of my mind? I don’t find a genius to teach, but find someone insanely stupid among the trillions of people and teach him? Am I retarded?"

    Night Walker laughed and pointed his finger at him, "You are such an unreasonable old man, your whole life you’ve been getting the worst of it because of your mouth. Take a look at this."

    He gently swiped his finger across the thin air and dragged out a display, in screen it was playing that fight between Han and the raiders. He not only completed 8 kills, but ultimately robbing the bomb and forced the raiders to retreat.

    That fight is the true definition of heroic and exciting, Han charging fearlessly into a group of strong enemies as if it’s nothing.

    Especially that moment when Han yelled, "I don’t have anything else, but I still got a bunch of tough bones!" No one’s blood was not boiling and calm after watching that scene.

    Then it was the scene of Han falling into the water, his body becoming a block of ice, and that was the end of the clip.

    Night Walker pointed at that block of Ice, "Look at him yourself, that body of demonic spirit, he’s almost a monster now, and you said you didn’t teach him?"

    Pathless Origin was silent like usual, but he let out a slight sigh, his two fingers that were holding of a piece of chess shivered for a few times, "So, is Han really dead?"


    Alright homies, one more exam this weekend and then I will be free until one more exam on the 27th. Thank you guys for being so patient, so watch out for how many chapters coming your way starting from this Sunday night! Zhao Hai and the others returned to the Space. Then after looking at the Divine Race for some time, Zhao Hai sighed and said, "Cai’er, arrange some undead to repair the defensive line. Also, have some people collect plants and animals from the Divine Realm. No matter what, we need to increase the plant reserves of the Space." Cai’er nodded and then went on to take care of it. At this time, Zhao Hai suddenly feel his messenger fish move. He took a look at it and saw that it was connected to the Great Demon King.

    Zhao Hai held his messenger fish and immediately said, "Your Majesty, do you need me for something?" Then the Great Demon King’s happy voice was heard, "Mister, all of the Demons had already move into the Space. Mister can now close the spatial rift. Also, I want to invite mister over for a feast. I know mister has a lot of things, but I want to ask you to taste the food of the Demon Realm." Zhao Hai stared, he didn’t expect the Demons to move this quickly. Actually, the reason why the Demons were slow was because of the magic beasts. Now that the beast tide has passed, the Demons had little to worry about. This caused their speed to quicken.

    Zhao Hai immediately gave his response, "Alright, I will certainly go. Your Majesty can rest assured." Then he stored the messenger fish before looking at Laura and the others. He smiled faintly and said, "I wonder what the food of the Demon Realm tastes like." Laura smiled as well and said, "I haven’t eaten their food before. So what do we do? Do we go now?" Zhao Hai smiled and said, "Yeah. Right, we need to prepare some gifts." Zhao Hai’s gift wasn’t expensive, only some magic beasts and all sorts of wine.

    Any race would like these things. Moreover, although they weren’t precious to Zhao Hai, they still held some value to the Demons.

    The Space was currently rich with things. Although it lacked gold coins, it was only because they still haven’t emptied the warehouse. If they sold the things in the warehouse, then Zhao Hai would definitely earn a load of money. However, there was only a small advantage in selling those things in the Space. And even if Zhao Hai wasn’t rich, he still had ample money to spend on things.

    Not being able to purchase the ten magic backgrounds and 20 ordinary backgrounds was no big deal for Zhao Hai. Most of these places would only be used to grow plants and animals, and there was no need to rush it right now.

    The reason why Zhao Hai wanted to upgrade the Space in the past was because he wanted to train God-ranks. But now, the need for God-ranks wasn’t as great as before. At this time, there were several millions of God-ranks in the Space. Also, there were some undead in the hell background who had broken through. Zhao Hai was in no need for additional God-ranks at this point.

    After preparing his gifts, Zhao Hai led Laura and the others to the Demon Space. Upon arriving, Zhao Hai can see the Devil’s Chariot and Sword Carriage up in the air. Both of them were waiting for Zhao Hai.

    When the Great Demon King and the Demon Dragon King saw Zhao Hai and his wives,they immediately went forward and gave a salute, "Mister, welcome!" Zhao Hai hastile returned the salute, "Your Majesty, Demon Dragon, you’re too polite. Right, let me introduce you to my wives…." The Great Demon King didn’t expect to see a Demon among Zhao Hai’s wives. He stared at Berry and then said, "i didn’t think mister would have a Demon as his wife. Madame, are you a Demon from the Demon Realm?" The Demon Dragon King forced a smile as he gave a reply, "Your Majesty, madame is someone we sent to guard the Demonic Abyss. I believe madame is named Berry?" Berry gave the Great Demon King and the Demon Dragon King a salute. Then she smiled faintly and said, "I have seen Your Majesty and the Demon Dragon King. I am indeed named Berry."

    Zhao Hai smiled and said, "You should know about the custom of the Succubus Clan. I broke Berry’s spiritual attack, so she took me as her husband. Hehe. Right, you have to thank Berry. If not for her, I wouldn’t have been confident in taking the Demons to the Space."

    When the Great Demon King and the Demon Dragon King heard this, they immediately gave Berry a salute. They were thankful to Berry. To the Demons, the Space was literally Heaven.