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    Most of the children who lived in Ishana attended an academy located at the centre of the city. It was adjoined with the Mage’s Guild.

    The U-shaped buildings have been created dealing with every other. There was a thick green garden of a courtyard interposing, connecting the two establishments. It was attainable to go back and forth there.

    Even if she had a day off from the academy, anytime she had company with Mage’s Guild, Celica always entered by way of the academy’s main gate. But considering that the circumstance was quite different nowadays, she entered making use of the gate to the Mage’s Guild.

    The cause was her companion. Her companion wore a faceless white mask and odd white clothes. He, Hakumen, was also outfitted with a lengthy sword that was as prolonged as he was tall. Given that she was taking him along, she couldn’t go within the academy as her classmates may be there.

    To speedily keep away from any pointless stiff atmosphere, she began to run toward the courtyard that was also connected with the academy.

    When she acquired outside, the smell of nature hit her all at as soon as. The refreshing wind made Celica stop strolling reflexively and took a deep breath of air.

    Then, some acquainted figures caught her eye.

    On the other side of the shrubberies she could see a number of guys and ladies walking.

    When she observed the girl wearing a large triangular hat strolling at the front of the pack, Celica’s face out of the blue lit up.

    Inma no Hado "Onee-chan!"

    Whilst frantically waving her hand, she sprang into a run.

    She proceeded, taking a huge detour all around the shrubberies. The proprietor of the triangular hat spread the two of her arms, waiting for Celica on the other side.

    The woman’s lengthy hair flowed down her back, and her supple legs stretched out from her tight skirt. She was a girl with glamorous proportions that would effortlessly charm any guy with out striving. She was 9.


    She firmly seized the rushing Celica in each arms. Then Nine embraced her younger sister into her voluptuous chest. At the minute, most of Celica’s face was buried in the soft cushion.

    "Puh. Onee-chan, I’m in discomfort…"

    "Good grief, the place did you go? I was anxious when I could not discover you. I considered I advised you to wait for me whilst I was condcting enterprise. Are you okay? You did not meet some vulgar man, did you?"


    "Hahaha, you are at it once more."

    The 3 guys and the woman who had accompanied Nine came along. Among them was a cat-type beastkin, recognisable by his high-set triangular ears and two long tails. His correct eye was covered with an eye patch. The beastkin, Jubei, let out a cheerful laugh.

    Collectively with him was Valkenhayn, a guy with a fearless encounter and sturdy physique who stored his identity as a werewolf hidden. Up coming was Yuuki Terumi, a guy whose eyes were hidden by a hood he was silently retaining his distance from Celica and 9. Behind him was a girl in a complete-length robe who was wearing round glasses, Trinity.

    Peeking at Celica and 9 from the side, Trinity quietly giggled.

    "Oh my, 9. Celica-san’s going to cease working."

    The cotton candy-like platinum blonde hair spilled from the hood she wore. Every time she moved, it sparkled as it reflected sunlight.

    The sweet voice sounded slow and carefree. Lectured by it, Nine lastly relaxed her arms.

    Like a small animal, Celica slipped through the opened gap.

    "Puhaa. Sorry, Onee-chan. I was with Hakumen-san up on the hill."

    "With Hakumen?"

    "Yup. We talked for a bit."

    "…I see."

    Nine, who had been looking at Celica affectionately, suddenly shifted her gaze to a fully distinct search. Although she had been calmly watching Celica in fascination, her stare was now like an ice needle.

    Not a speck of kindness remained in her sharp gaze. The daggers in her eyes were pointed at Hakumen in which he stood behind Celica, acting like he had absolutely nothing to do with her.

    "The schedule of the meeting have to have been reported to you, Hakumen. If you’re in Ishana, then why didn’t you attend?"

    9 spoke as if interrogating him. A stress began to stretch above the group.

    But Hakumen did not respond or even move.

    His perspective made Nine’s irritation consider a sudden turn. Everybody there felt it, excluding Hakumen.

    Celica’s smile stiffened as she looked at Nine and Hakumen alternately. A bit to the side, Jubei and Valkenhayn looked astonished and exchanged worried appears.

    Large heels approximately clattering against the stone-paved path, 9 took many measures forward.

    "You are the key piece in our strategy. If you’re not there, then it’s out of the query. Even somebody like you, who can’t comprehend anything at all other than swinging a sword, ought to have understood."

    "I do not recall ever getting your pawn."

    Without creating any movement, Hakumen replied indifferently.

    The fire in Nine’s eyes burned brighter.

    "You happen to be much less than a pawn if you cannot even abide straightforward directions. Pay attention.
    Anime world and a System Following time, you definitely have to come right here at the designated time. Will not maintain performing the very same thing each and every time. I do not have the spare time to babysit you."

    "There is no meaning in attending a gathering with absolutely nothing but tedious talk. My soul yearns only to slay my foes."

    "You may be okay with that, but it puts me in severe troubles!"

    "Now, now. Will not increase your voice like that~. Appear, Nine. Celica-san is frightened."

    Prior to any individual had observed, Trinity had moved close to 9 and Hakumen. She gently forced herself among them. Before, the area was filled with a stress that could freeze the wind. That moment, the authentic calmness of the courtyard, matching the touch of the warm sunlight, returned.

    Nine reluctantly stopped venting her anger. Seeing this, Celica felt relieved. She scratched her cheek apologetically.

    "I am sorry. I was the one who kept Hakumen-san. If only we had meant to head for the meeting rather…"

    "Celica did not do anything negative. You in no way intended to attend the meeting. Rather than for the meeting, you need to be apologizing for producing my cute Celica look unhappy. Like, right this quick."

    "O, Onee-chan…"

    Out of character for her normal professional attitude, 9 kept spoke employing the pampering voice only those closest to her knew.

    Even if she had grown accustomed because 9 often did it, Celica let out a wry smile. She was pleased of her sister’s extreme really like. But she was also worried when it occasionally went on a rampage.

    "Geez… What noisy sisters."

    Valkenhayn looked astonished as he turned his head towards the voice.

    As if reapplying stress that had slackened off after, a harsh laughter could be heard.

    It was Terumi.

    He was standing casually with the two hands inserted into pockets in an unambitious method. Then he tilted his head back although his thin shoulders shook in intense amusement. He didn’t even consider to hide the laugh that he ridiculed them with. He did not feel the sisters’ conversation was charming even for a bit.

    "Anything amusing? …You puppet."

    Revealing her discomfort, 9 coldly questioned him. The degree of coldness was distinct from what she had been directing at Hakumen.

    But alternatively of backing down even a little, Terumi shrugged his shoulders and continued to ridicule her.

    "Nuh-uh~. It really is just funny seeing you guys producing idiotic faces."

    Interrupting Terumi’s laugh, a white arm extended towards his throat and approximately grasped his collar.

    Hakumen pulled Terumi toward himself and stared at him with intimidating silence. Terumi glared at him like a venomous snake creeping out from darkness.

    "What… Never just casually touch me. I stated some thing that hurt your emotions? Aah? Guy, you just have to answer truthfully."

    The white mask remained silent. But the hand that grabbed his collar wasn’t gentle it was wrenched violently.

    Even though he was making an attempt to tear off the arm, Terumi grinned and provoked him even much more.

    "Hah, what’s with you? We’re close friends, aren’t we? Let us get along, Hakumen-chan. Or what? You cannot speak because you received no mouth?"


    "Okay, stop!"

    Celica’s voice suddenly lower in, interrupting Hakumen’s phrases and freezing Terumi’s grin.

    "Quit with the fighting. You’re obtaining into another argument so quickly, even however Trinity-san just ended the final one particular?"

    "Great grief," stated Celica as she grabbed both tall men’s shoulders, urging them to separate.

    But ahead of he could be pushed aside, Terumi twisted his entire body forcefully to get away from Celica and Hakumen’s grasps. He turned his face away and faintly clicked his tongue even though backing away, moving a wonderful distance from them.

    He was clearly steering clear of them. But even if she was mindful of it, Celica just held herself back and produced a wry smile for a moment.

    Every single time Terumi took place to be close to Nine and Hakumen, a quarrel would create. Terumi’s response was always the very same. For some purpose, Terumi had a weird dislike of getting touched by Celica.

    Then Trinity clasped her hands collectively delightfully. She made a peaceful and earnest smile.

    "Everybody~, why will not we have a tea now?"

    The voice that had the sweet scent of butter and sugar drifting about produced Jubei scratch his head with a puzzled encounter.

    "Tea, huh… Just like you to propose that, Trinity, but we’re doin’ it with these guys? It ain’t like we’re just goin’ to fill a table and get along now, is it?"

    "Is not it fine? I am hoping we can invest time quietly together taking a graceful tea."

    Even though repairing his collar, Valkenhayn took a phase ahead. Following him, Trinity urged the others on.

    "…I sure hope the coffee will taste good."

    9 grumbled dejectedly, dropping her shoulders along with a sigh. Celica hugged Nine’s arm to her chest and smiled gleefully.

    "This is the very first time everyone will be getting tea together, right? We’ve got quite a quantity here, but let us just go to the usual store!"

    "Celica, are you serious? I don’t want to see these guys’ faces in that store… Ah, of program Jubei’s a different case."

    "H-Hey. Quit talkin’ like that in a place like this…"

    Jubei looked downward as Nine produced a surprise attack with her charming smile. His ears which generally stood straight up had been also seemingly bending down.

    9, Celica, and Jubei followed Valkenhayn and Trinity who had gone ahead. Hakumen and Terumi also stepped forth without having saying anything.

    Nevertheless, prior to they could go any more, a heavy noise resounded as the gate that led to the courtyard from Mage’s Guild opened.

    "Oh my~, everyone’s existing."

    With each other with the charming provocative voice, lengthy boots’ heels, which were even taller than Nine’s, clacked along the courtyard’s path.

    The girl coming into the courtyard was wearing a dress that had a big gap at the torso, full with long mantle decorated with extravagant fur. Her lips, thick with lipstick, and the gorgeous necklace decorating her chest have been eye-catching. Her suggestive attire hinted at a slender, nicely kept figure.

    Beside her stood a guy with silk-like blonde hair that had been grown long. With such a actually stylish outfit, he looked like some sort of royalty.

    "It is not admirable of you bringing outsiders inside the guild, 9."

    The blond guy place out a modest smile along with calm tone of voice that had thorns of rationality in it. The awesome ice-blue pair of eyes looked at the lined up faces in the courtyard in turn. The thin frame of his glasses emphasized his intelligence and dignity.

    "Eight, 7…"

    9 dropped her voice in displeasure at the pair who were now standing in her way.