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    Bai Qi retracted his gaze and stepped towards Chen Xiaolian.

    Chen Xiaolian observed that every single stage taken by Bai Qi appeared heavy. It even appeared as however he was… somewhat stumbling.

    Physical appearance sensible, it appeared that he was not in excellent form.

    "Are you all correct?" Chen Xiaolian frowned.

    Out of the blue, Bai Qi’s body staggered for an quick.

    He raised his left hand. Shockingly, the palm of his hand had turned black in colour, like carbon!

    The black colour gradually spread up his arms.

    "What is going on here?" asked Chen Xiaolian, his eyebrows furrowed.

    "It… quite robust," answered Bai Qi. He frowned and turned to search at Chen Xiaolian.

    Chen Xiaolian found that some changes had occurred to Bai Qi’s expression when in contrast to the previous him – it appeared that a hint of daily life had appeared on the originally stiff expression of his.

    "You are fortunate," Bai Qi suddenly stated. "It is really powerful. If it was one third more powerful, I would not have been a match for it."

    The Black Door Chen Xiaolian’s body shook.

    The cause was not just due to what Bai Qi had said… "If it was stronger by a single third, then I would not have been a match for it."

    Yet another reason for his shock was the tone of voice utilised by Bai Qi!

    Though Bai Qi could also speak prior to this, he was only in a position to utter a few words at a time, like a kid who was beginning to discover how to speak. His attempts to communicate had often appeared mechanical and tough.

    At that moment nonetheless, Bai Qi’s tone of voice was obviously a lot smoother!

    "You… grew up?" Chen Xiaolian regarded Bai Qi.

    "Death qi abundant, lifeblood insufficient," mentioned Bai Qi. He glanced at Chen Xiaolian and continued, "Following time, if you are not able to find lifeblood for me to soak up, I would not be ready to aid you."

    After saying that, Bai Qi transformed into a beam of light and he disappeared!

    Between the a number of instances that Chen Xiaolian had summoned out Bai Qi, this was the 1st time that Bai Qi had disappeared by himself with out Chen Xiaolian’s command!

    Could it be… Bai Qi had suffered from a critical damage?

    Chen Xiaolian checked his pet interface and saw that Bai Qi had returned into the technique.

    Following seeing that, Chen Xiaolian felt himself easing up relatively.

    "Hey! Chen Xiaolian! What is going on here?"

    Phoenix lastly moved above. She stared intently at Chen Xiaolian although biting down on her lips. She asked, "Just now, the a single in white…"

    Chen Xiaolian turned his head and looked at Phoenix.

    From behind Phoenix, Lun Tai was previously working above collectively with Phoenix’s other team members.

    "All right… I think this quest is complete," Chen Xiaolian explained coolly. "If you want to know, I will gradually tell you about it."

    [Program prompt: Meteor Rock Guild has finished the random quest. The system’s guidebook character is alive. Acquired 100 marks. Defeated Jack the Ripper and prevented Jack the Ripper from acquiring 5 black magic sacrifices. Acquired one hundred marks.

    [Technique prompt: The quest’s goal character Jack the Ripper had permanently died! A redundant worth has appeared in the method!

    [Program prompt: The random quest’s goal character Jack the Ripper had completely died! Chen Xiaolian has acquired additional bonus reward: 1,000 factors. All participating members of Meteor Rock Guild has acquired 300 factors each and every as bonus reward!]

    Long term death? Redundant worth?

    Chen Xiaolian was dumbfounded.

    What is the meaning of this…

    Judging by the contents of the system prompt… it would seem that Jack the Ripper’s permanent death was an irregular predicament…

    one. Full the tasks in one move’ = ” indicates to complete things that required to be done in phases in one fell swoop. Maybe killing Colombo and then killing the vengeful spirits a single by a single was too cumbersome, so he waited for them to merge…