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    Within the icy grave, the remaining three mages were practically finished with their incantation.

    Benjamin did not do anything at all to stop them.

    Sustaining the state of the giant icy grave had consumed most of his energy. He did not have added spiritual vitality to attack them. That getting said, he was not also concerned about the enemy’s magic attacks.

    Every single point of the ice barricade was packed with countless tiny ice cubes, compressed to the level they have been like steel. It would be a massive shock if they had been ready to break however.

    Not to mention, the air was filled with refined crushed ice

    By now, all the guards had all been frozen to death – no 1 was spared. Even the reliable ground was commencing to freeze over. The merchants that hid inside the safety of the elemental shield began to have chills.

    "Sir Mages, please figure anything out!" One of the merchants panicked as he felt that the shield could no longer hold off the cold, "If this continues, we will freeze to death!"

    However, the mages could not care much less about them.

    Possibly with their lives on the line, riches no longer mattered they have been not fighting for their employer but rather for their own lives. However, they have been still compassionate ample to enable them to share refuge inside the shield.

    "Shut up." The mage coldly responded, "One particular more word and I will toss all of you out."

    The merchants rapidly quieted down. All traces of their earlier swagger were gone.

    Destiny Cultivator With this, the remaining 3 mages completed their chant.

    The crazy surge of earth element triggered the frozen ground to all of a sudden crack open. A beam of light poured out by way of the surface and 3 spears condensed by the earth aspects rose out of the ground and appeared before them.

    In an instant, a strong surge of magic oscillation spread outward and the merchants no longer felt any coldness.

    "Spear of the Earth huh…"

    Benjamin stood on the outdoors and saw this. He raised his eyebrow with a curious expression.

    These people have been smart. They did not try to use fire magic but instead chose earth that was even now unrestricted. The Spear of the Earth was an intermediate degree magic that was utilised purely for assault. Its penetration was strong and was usually used to penetrate by means of an enemy’s effective shield. This would without a doubt be the ideal decision to try out to break via the barrier.

    Nonetheless, from this, Benjamin could estimate his opponents’ degree.

    He smiled coldly even though shaking his head.

    If their restrict was intermediate degree magic, then they were as great as dead.

    Right after summoning 3 Spears of the Earth, the mages started to manage personal spears to strike against the ice wall.

    The merchants understood the that means of this assault and became nervous. They held their breath as they watched on.

    In the blink of an eye, the spears collided with the wall.


    Like the Titanic ramming into the iceberg, Benjamin felt a massive tremor as he stood at the peak of the giant icy grave. His Spiritual Power dropped, and he began seeing stars.

    He lost his balance and virtually fell from the surface.

    After the preliminary shock, Benjamin took a deep breath to calm his nerves.


    The mages appeared to be effectively versed in earth magic. This hand of Spear of the Earth unleashed this kind of remarkable effect even though below their control. This three-prong assault was no doubt the equivalent of advance degree magic.

    Benjamin couldn’t aid but thank his lucky stars.

    If that fourth mage’s incantation was not interrupted, the additional spear may well have been just sufficient to pierce the barrier.

    Inside the giant grave, right after the dust and debris cleared, everyone looked on. The location that the spears have been aimed at now had a shattered indent.

    The deep indent was like an ulcer on the ice wall. Though it did not penetrate, the indent offered hope to them that the chance of escaping was really significantly achievable. The merchants had been conquer with pleasure.

    "Swift! A couple of much more times and it will break open the wall!"

    Their cries of joy didn’t final lengthy as Benjamin stretched his arm toward the mark. With that, the refined powder started to condense at the spot, and the indent reverted to its unique state. It was flawlessly smooth, without having any indicators of its previously sustained injury.

    Their joyousness rapidly turned solemn.

    "What the fuck… Don’t tell me it can never be broken?"

    The mages weren’t in total despair. They glanced at one another just before nodding and beginning their incantation after yet again.

    They weren’t all that stunned that the ice wall could be repaired. Far more importantly, it has been verified that they possessed the potential to ruin it. Previously they used three Spears of the Earth, but what about four? Could they break by means of then?

    After the preliminary check, they were quite particular that they were on the right track.

    The merchants no longer dared to talk. They have been afraid that they might interrupt the mage’s incantation. They held one yet another near, trying to conserve entire body heat.

    "Hey, should not you do anything?" The Technique all of a sudden spoke up, "You may well not be ready to defend against four Spears of the Earth. Even if you do, judging by their persistence, they would go repeat the cycle with even far more spears. Can your spiritual power hold out towards theirs?"

    Benjamin shook his head and answered, "No likelihood."

    "Then ought to you be performing something about it?"

    Benjamin smiled and answered, "It really is alright, just watch and wait."

    In moments, the temperature in the icy grave dropped after yet again. The shield and physique heat commenced to fail the merchants as their power commenced to falter. The four mages began to shiver but their sturdy wills kept them going extended ample to finish this round of incantations. The surface of the ground once once again cracked open and four Spears of the Earth appeared, with an even more powerful magic oscillation interference.

    "Rapid… Break the wall…" A single of the merchants coughed out.

    The mages’ eyes shimmered with firmness. They launched the spears as tough as they could at the wall.

    Only this time, it did not produce this kind of a loud noise.

    Just as the 4 spears were about to collide with the ice barricade, the ice wall opened up like a living being. The spears flew by way of the hole and disappeared with out a trace.

    The hole then closed and the total returned to its authentic shape.


    Everyone was dumbfounded.

    The mages’ eyes widened as they starred at the smooth reliable challenging wall. They had been absolutely speechless. The merchants who had been nonetheless aware rubbed their eyes and looked at one an additional. It was like they were hallucinating.

    How could the spears just… disappear?

    In contrast to the merchants, the 4 mages understood what was going on. But they had been really hoping that they were incorrect.

    They could overlook the truth that they did not sense any magic oscillation. But from the earlier scene, they felt an unimaginable volume of manage over magic. They did not know their opponent but to them it seemed that he was a god – the shit that he just pulled ought to not have been feasible.

    Is this nonetheless even magic?

    Within the giant icy grave, it was pin-drop silence.

    "Have you played around adequate?" Benjamin broke the silence, "I have already said that this will be your grave."

    As he stated this, the elemental shield that was defending them finally cracked, exposing absolutely everyone within to the severe cold.

    "It’s in excess of." Benjamin whispered.

    The bonfire extinguished as the grave was plunged into complete darkness.