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    The rookies exclaimed. Just a moment ago, they saw Shi Xiaobai engaging in a massacre, and the following second, an ugly dragon all of a sudden appeared out of thin air, devouring Shi Xiaobai into its stomach.

    The crowd stared with widened eyes as their breathing stopped. They identified the scene that had happened unbelievable. What was far more unbelievable was that Shi Xiaobai did not struggle right after getting devoured, as though he was a rock that had sunk into the bottom of the ocean with out even the slightest action.

    Shi Xiaobai was devoured by a dragon. Was he dead just like that?


    In the up coming minute, many folks had their eyes red.

    "Destroy the dragon, save Shi Xiaobai!"

    Everybody was filled with panic and anger as they rushed into the valley, ready to slaughter the dragon, rip out its stomach and save the devoured Shi Xiaobai.

    Even if he had been dead, they wished to see his corpse!

    Shi Xiaobai looked at the flustered and furious expressions the crowd had and instantly felt relatively moved. Even though the ‘dragon’ they wished to kill was him, he was still more pleased than unhappy.

    This time, there was no black-robed youth for Shi Xiaobai to destroy to instill dread in their hearts. In addition, in the hallucination, the individual devoured by the dragon was ‘Shi Xiaobai’, so how could the rookies hold back. Their anger could not be restrained as their anxiety was consuming them.

    Shi Xiaobai remained calm. With swords in the two hands, he welcomed the crowd charging at him. Lifting his sword, he slashed out at the exact same time.

    Proper hand, Kun Peng’s Sword of Wind!

    Left hand, Kun Peng’s Sword of Water!

    A sword unison attack, with the Sword of Wind and Sword of Water completely harmonizing, the sky was instantly filled with snow and the ground was covered in frost!

    The sword beams were domineering and the cold was chilling. The biting cold sword beams froze the rookies major the charge. They could not assist but shiver in cold.

    The rookies charge was slowed down by Shi Xiaobai’s Kun Peng Wind-Snow Sword.

    At the identical time, Shi Xiaobai took the initiative to rush in direction of the crowd.

    With Crab Methods at the Crest of Perfection, this speed caught the rookies off guard. The constantly changing figures had been dazzling.

    "The dragon is coming!"

    "It truly is so quick! How is the dragon so rapidly?"

    "No, it truly is as well cold. I cannot move or withstand it!"

    The rookies exclaimed. At this minute, the valley was filled with snow-wind sword beams. Their bodies had yet to acclimatize to the sudden biting chill in the air. Quickly, their actions turned sluggish, so there was no way for them to adhere to Shi Xiaobai.

    They could only observe as the dragon in their eyes flew previous their heads at an incredibly quick pace.

    But what shocked the rookies was that the dragon did not attack them. It only chose to escape.

    Which is not correct, the dragon had taken a particular person away during the chaos!

    "Liuji (Naked Dick) has been abducted by the dragon!"

    A person knew the rookie that had been unfortunate enough to be abducted by the dragon as he quickly exclaimed aloud.

    Most of the rookies did not know this person’s title, but they knew this individual. He was the 1 who had derided Shi Xiaobai previously, and had been smacked in the encounter by Shi Xiaobai’s great 1 punch. He had then gone into the woods to run naked.

    At this second, the dragon had not forgotten to get Naked Dick with him.

    Was the dragon that hungry?

    So hungry that he was not picky with foods!?

    "Quickly, chase!"

    The rookies certainly would not enable him to escape easily. Really quickly, they overcame the stiffness of the chill, and rushed to pursue the dragon.

    With Naked Dick in hand, Shi Xiaobai ran and lowered his head at the wailing Naked Dick. He said coldly, "This King knows that you aren’t hallucinating. If you proceed acting, This King will genuinely be a dragon and slaughter you!"

    Naked Dick’s encounter quickly turned pale and stopped crying for help. His lips trembled as he explained, "Never…Massive Brother Shi Xiaobai. I thought I was the 1 who was hallucinating… They kept calling you a dragon, so I did not dare to disagree…"

    When Shi Xiaobai heard this, he right away heaved a sigh of relief. It was obviously only a guess when he mentioned that he knew that Naked Dick was not hallucinating.

    In the previous timeline, Shi Xiaobai had been pincered by the rookies and the black-robed youth. Back then, Shi Xiaobai could clearly sense a hatred from the black-robed youth. The vicious hatred was a lot more extreme than the rest.

    The black-robed youth plainly did not have this kind of intense hatred for the dragon, so it was a lot more very likely that the black-robed youth was not underneath the results of the hallucination. The black-robed youth was able to see him, which resulted in the intense hatred.

    By grasping this small detail, Shi Xiaobai pondered deeply over it.

    Why was the black-robed youth not hallucinating?

    It could very most likely have to do with location, that the initiation of the hallucination was area-particular, and at that moment in time, the black-robed youth was not inside that location.

    This was the most very likely possibility, but it did not aid Shi Xiaobai in any way. Consequently, he could only carry on pondering above other prospects.

    If the hallucination was not spot-distinct, what could consequence in the rookies getting hallucinations although the black-robed youth wouldn’t?

    It had to be some thing the rookies had in frequent which the black-robed youth did not have. If he ruled out the chance of location, Shi Xiaobai could only believe of one item…diamonds!

    The strange diamond monster had been decreased to diamonds following it shattered. It was one thing all the rookies had which the black-robed youth did not!

    Kali was powerful so she was not affected by the hallucinations, so she could be ignored. As a result, the likelihood of the diamond being the purpose was really very likely!

    And between the rookies, there was 1 particular person who did not have a diamond. It was the youth that went working naked, Naked Dick!

    If the diamonds have been the trigger of the hallucinations, Naked Dick ought to not be hallucinating!

    With this guess in mind, Shi Xiaobai determined to run in this timeline. And although operating, he abducted Naked Dick.

    The Heavens did not disappoint Shi Xiaobai’s wit. Naked Dick was genuinely not beneath the effects of the hallucination.

    Nonetheless, Naked Dick was a timid individual. Be it the earlier timeline or the present timeline, he was not affected by the hallucination. However, he did not dare to come out alone to clear Shi Xiaobai’s identify even though the crowd was clamoring to destroy the dragon. He was afraid to be taken care of as an alien and had rather echoed the crowd.

    Shi Xiaobai was relatively infuriated, but he was rapidly place at ease.

    How could you count on a coward who could pee himself out of concern to danger the denouncement of a mob even though pointing at the dragon in front of everyone and shout, "This is no dragon. This is Shi Xiaobai"?

    "Damn it, This King will give you a single a lot more possibility. In a although, you have to do as This King says, or This King will genuinely throw you in front of the true dragon." Shi Xiaobai explained in an ominous style. Giving a sermon to a coward was useless. Forcefully coercing him was the only way.

    Naturally, Naked Dick did not dare to refuse. He hurriedly patted his chest and assured Shi Xiaobai that he would do as he said, with a search of unflinching righteousness.

    The rookies pursued anxiously. Although Mu Yuesheng was quick, her Lightning Flashstep could only allow her move in a straight line. And for some purpose, the dragon had seen via her weakness. It was continually curving whilst proceeding ahead at an very quick velocity. Mu Yuesheng was anxious for there was no way for her to catch up to it.

    It was needless to speak about the other rookies. In terms of motion tactics, none of them could match Shi Xiaobai. They could only observe as the dragon in their eyes opened up a gap from them.

    Just as the rookies had been starting to feel a hint of despair, the dragon out of the blue stopped. Standing in front, it seemed to be waiting for them!

    The rookies came in droves and speedily surrounded the motionless dragon. This time, they could not allow the dragon escape!

    "Darn dragon, die!"

    A person did not want to wait a second longer and attacked in anger.

    "Cease! You fools!"

    A voice that no 1 expected resounded. They noticed Naked Dick that had been abducted by the dragon walk out and pointed to the dragon.
    Transcending the Nine Heavens He cried in outrage, "Do you know what all of you are performing? This is no dragon, it is Shi Xiaobai!"

    The crowd was startled as they unveiled seems to be of shock, but soon they were relieved.

    "It would seem like Naked Dick has been brainwashed by the dragon."

    "What do we do? We cannot destroy Naked Dick, correct?"

    "Swiftly destroy the dragon. As for Naked Dick, let us knock him out very first!"

    The crowd obviously wouldn’t believe in Naked Dick’s ‘drivel’. They only believed the actuality before their eyes. This was clearly an unsightly dragon!

    However, there have been folks who had their doubts. This was simply because they could not think that the dragon could so effortlessly devour Shi Xiaobai. Unlike the earlier timeline with Ka Xiaozi, the crowd identified the probability of Shi Xiaobai being devoured by the dragon with out any acts by him very slim. A strong man or woman like Shi Xiaobai could be in the midst of a grand strategy.

    Seeing how the crowd did not think him, Naked Dick’s expression turned ugly. He knew that this matter was risky. If he was handled as an accomplice of the dragon, he would be doomed.

    However, Shi Xiaobai’s sword was against his back, so Naked Dick did not dare to back down.

    Naked Dick pretended to look very depressed as he looked at the crowd. He mentioned in a solemn voice, "I’m really, very, very disappointed! All of you claim to be Shi Xiaobai’s partners, close friends, admirers, lackeys, confidants, intimate mistresses. Some even contact themselves Shi Xiaobai’s son. Nevertheless, now all of you are attempting to destroy Shi Xiaobai due to the fact of a low-grade hallucination approach. Critically…"

    Naked Dick explained aggrieved, as if there was no end. Shi Xiaobai ultimately discovered it unbearable and interrupted him, "Quickly get to the level. Will not fucking include scenes for oneself!"

    Naked Dick right away gave a bitter smile. Seeing how the crowd was looking intolerant, as even though they wanted to assault, Naked Dick lamented in his heart. Once, I had a possibility of posturing, but I was only ready to posture for a couple of seconds. The world’s biggest tragedy is absolutely nothing in contrast to this.

    "If all of you do not believe me, throw away the diamonds on your bodies. Open your eyes and see if this dragon is Shi Xiaobai or not!"

    Naked Dick shouted with a hoarse throat. This was the crucial sentence, and most likely his last line for his look. He had to do a great task.

    When absolutely everyone heard this, they looked at him as though he was a fool.

    Did this fool mean that the diamonds had induced them to hallucinate, viewing Shi Xiaobai as the dragon?

    Heavens, this joke was not humorous at all.


    Mu Yuesheng and business who have been in the forefront of the crowd decisively took out the diamonds they had and threw it on the ground.

    They would rather feel it to be the truth than not.

    When Mu Yuesheng and organization threw out the diamonds, they immediately exclaimed although covering their mouths.

    "It truly is correct. It truly is genuinely Lord Shi Xiaobai!"

    "So it was truly an illusion. We practically…"

    "Didn’t I say? How could Shi Xiaobai be so very easily devoured by a dragon? With his strength, ten dragons wouldn’t even be a match for him!"

    The rookies that threw away the diamonds have been right away no longer below the influence of the hallucinations. Realizing how they had nearly killed Shi Xiaobai in anger, they felt a lingering sense of fear.

    The other rookies naturally did not dare to doubt. They hesitatingly threw away the diamonds they had.

    Extremely soon, almost all the rookies had thrown away their diamonds. Seeing the dragon quickly transform into Shi Xiaobai, one particular rookie following one more exclaimed at the realism of the hallucination.

    The ground was filled with diamonds. They had been anything the rookies coveted previously, but now, they were like land mines. Every person shunned them in concern.

    What a joke. If these diamonds could generate hallucinations, what if a hallucination appeared one day, modifying a fat sow into a naked beauty, what would come about?

    Noticing how the crowd had been freed of their hallucinations, Shi Xiaobai quickly grinned.

    The black-robed youth was dead!

    The invisible monsters were all wiped out!

    The hallucinations had been lifted!

    There was only a timid dragon cowardly shivering someplace!

    How are you to destroy This King?