• At the end, the pressure was so great, it was as though a small mountain was weighing down upon them. Fortunately, all of these people were amongst the most powerful Saints in the world, and thus they could take it. They would either cast magic spells, or use protective barriers of battle-qi. The rainbow of colors surrounding them was quite…[Read more]

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    They walked in the pitch-black maintenance passage for a long time until finally arriving in front of an open hall. A five-meter-thick metal pillar rose from the ground all the way to the ceiling above.

    Everyone could hear the strange rumbling sound of a surging flood within the metal pipe when they got close.

    "This is the main pipe that…[Read more]

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    Everyone jumped in fright. Pulp Farmer was dressed in armor and looked majestic. He exuded a domineering air that made it unbearable for others to look at him straight.

    Pulp Farmer surveyed the crowd and said with a sneer, "A bunch of fools. Even if a hundred of you were to rush forward, none of you are Sunless’ match. Got it? If you do not…[Read more]

  • Next Chapter Bai Zhu’s expression was extremely tense. Although Fang Jinghe had some knowledge about the poison, he did not know why he felt that the matter was not that simple whenever he looked into Jun Wu Xie’s eyes.

    Fang Jinghe repeatedly searched Bai Zhu’s body in the eyes of the public. He checked using silver needles, bloodletting, and…[Read more]

  • "Eh? Even more powerful?"

    The White Tiger Duke and Princess Jiujiu couldn’t help but draw cold breaths at the same time. The Death God had already massacred so many of their powerful soul masters the last time around. If it was more powerful than they had imagined, how powerful could it possibly be?

    Xu Jiujiu asked with great difficulty,…[Read more]

  • Even Ye Mo’s skin had goosebumps when he was faced with this. The purple sword rays were immediately broken and turned into fireworks as they dissipated rapidly.

    The trap formation Ye Mo had formed with his sword rays became messy. Even Ye Mo couldn’t control the sword rays anymore. More than ten lightning orbs were heading towards him.

    He…[Read more]

  • They did not even know how to properly interact with one another!

    In every generation, someone like Chu Yu would appear.

    It was rare for people to encounter someone like him.

    The demons were unlucky, they just had to fight someone like him.

    The demonic army began to worry.

    Demon King Xue looked on from afar as he observed Chu…[Read more]

  • "F**k your grandpa Shanghai SARFT! I will fight it out with you!"

    "Count me in! I will go to SARFT’s website and scold them everyday from now on! Bullies! Such bullies! They can’t do things like that!"

    "I’m filled with anger! Why do good people not get what they deserve? Why do they have to oppress Teacher Zhang Ye? SARFT officials! I want…[Read more]

  • The supervisor was enraged his action: "You!"

    "The Nether Spirit Bead, I found it. What about your piece of Ancestral Dragon Tree bark?" Huang Xiaolong was aloof, a finger pointed at the big piece of bark at the side.

    The supervisor forced a smile on his face, saying, "If Brother did not remind me, it would have slipped my mind." After…[Read more]

  • No, I can’t do that.

    If I put Slow-Witted Song and Senior Thrice Reckless together, they might just end up destroying the world.

    So… I should probably just leave him at a concert of Senior Creation, and have him listen to Dharma King Creation’s singing every day.

    It would be even better if he could get Dharma King Creation to create…[Read more]