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    They did not even know how to properly interact with one another!

    In every generation, someone like Chu Yu would appear.

    It was rare for people to encounter someone like him.

    The demons were unlucky, they just had to fight someone like him.

    The demonic army began to worry.

    Demon King Xue looked on from afar as he observed Chu Yu’s every move. His face was as stern as ice.

    The people all around had stone cold expressions as well.

    Only those who were closer to Chu Yu heaved a sigh of relief.

    Quick Transmigration: Saving The Crazy Villainess Even if there were many remaining in the demonic army, they were not that worried anymore.

    They watched on as Chu Yu sped forward like a ray of light.

    He charged into the demonic army!

    Even though there were still many Legendary Emperors among them, they began to doubt themselves.

    Many of the demons had died in Chu Yu’s hands.

    He was already merciful, but there was bound to be blood spilled.

    The wounds on his body were not lethal, but they were numerous.

    Fresh blood stained his robes as he held the Sword of the yellow emperor in his hands and charged on like a god of war with the Sacred Art of Fleet Footwork.

    The demons were in despair!

    This human was too powerful, he was like a madman!

    His powers were almost perverse, no matter how they attacked, they could not inflict any serious damage.

    Despair was like a virus, it spread within the army.

    They had never fought against a single man!

    No one could have imagined this scene before the battle started.

    Even the ancient Saints did not expect Chu Yu to completely overpower them, even if they thought he could win.

    This group comprised of three million demons, not three million pigs!

    There were beings that were almost nearing Sainthood amongst them.

    Even if they did not possess powerful sacred arts, how could they not overcome a single young man who was not even a Saint yet?

    The humans on earth were elated by this sight!

    A lone young man against three million demons, an army of voluptuous demons.

    He stepped up and sweeped past all of them with ease.

    There were only a few words that could describe the young people’s feelings- Boy this feels good! Chapter 476: To Convince

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    Chu Xi was utterly frozen.

    The victory did not come easy, but the problem was that she had never expected Chu Yu to emerge victorious!

    Her moment of worry reflected her confidence in her brother.

    The opponent seemed too powerful!

    But all of that worry vanished.

    Her tone became relaxed as she commentated on the proceedings of the battle.

    The humans on earth were speechless.

    The change in her voice was clear.

    In reality, many of them were still unclear as to what had happened.

    All they saw were scenes of chaos, as if the sky was split.

    All they could see were the dark clouds that were conjured by the demonic energy.

    It looked like a ferocious thunderstorm was brewing.

    Those with low levels of cultivation could only see an array of colours.

    But that did not deter their passion.

    This was a momentous event in humanity’s history, they were elated!

    No one favoured Chu Yu in this battle. After all, it was one against three million.

    Originally, the earth was swept with desolation and despair as they watched on, as if the end was near.

    But today, they had a refreshing feeling.

    A feeling of joy from victory.

    Demon King Xue’s army was battered.

    They had never seen such a fearsome cultivator.

    Chu Yu was covered in blood and looked tired, as if he would fall anytime soon…

    But he carried on like it was nothing!

    This man was sick!

    Those demons who were experienced in battle could tell that Chu Yu had not used the full extent of his powers.

    Was he really human?

    Demon King Xue sighed, "What are you imbeciles waiting for? Hurry up and surrender!".

    The situation was awkward, many people could tell that this battle had only started because of him.

    Demon King Xue was ambitious, everyone knew that.

    He was a Saint with an army of three million demons!

    This was the testament of his power.

    In his eyes, Zhao Man Tian, Old Huang, Da Jia Zei, Du Yu and the other groups… they were all inferior.

    He never expected Chu Yu to be so powerful.

    He took on his entire army by himself!

    At the end, the intelligent Demon King Xue could tell where everything went wrong.

    He had some regrets about not training them to work together.

    If he had done that, Chu Yu would never have been able to beat them!

    Demon King Xue had to admit that he was defeated.

    The surviving demons all lowered their heads in shame upon hearing their boss’ words.

    Only the white elephant buried in the earth heaved a sigh of relief.

    It had never been so close to death, this human was far too terrifying!

    Chu Yu stopped his assault. His bloodied body emanated an aura of thick energy.

    In the process of battle, some of the demons had been killed.

    The blood around him were from their bodies.

    Of course, some of it came from his wounds as well.

    The broadcast came to a pause as well.

    The effects of this battle were not to be underestimated.

    Even though the humans on earth knew who Chu Yu was, they did not have a true understanding of his powers before this.

    Through this battle, they finally had an idea.

    Second Chance At the end of the battle, Chu Xi explained what kind of man Chu Yu was and what he set out to do.

    Chu Yu had always been fighting for humanity.

    As Chu Yu’s sister, Chu Xi did not wish for him to be misunderstood.

    Taking this opportunity, she relayed the truth about her brother.

    The reaction was intense!

    After the battle, many people contacted them and requested to join his army.

    To prevent Chu Yu from getting startled, she went straight to Xu Xiao Xian and Lin Shi to discuss.

    Chu Yu sat in the hall where Zhou Xu had wanted to wed Xu Xiao Xian as they prepared a feast.

    The preparations were underway.

    Demon King Xue was the first one who stood up as he offered Chu Yu a toast.

    "Brother Chu’s powers are formidable, you deserve the title of the Son of the Emperor indeed! Under your leadership, the solar system will prosper again!".

    It was obvious that his attitude was vastly different from before.

    Chu Yu laughed as he raised his glass.

    Demon King Xue said with a serious face, "From today onwards, my army is yours, you can do whatever you want with them, they will listen to your every word!".

    Chu Yu smiled, "Brother Xue’s army is special, why would I chase them away? They do need some training though!".

    At this moment, Du Yu came forward to offer a toast to Chu Yu as a form of apology for his doubts.

    He looked at Chu Yu with a serious expression, "Son of the Emperor, I underestimated you before and thought lightly of you. Reality has shown that my masters were right. From today onwards, all my men are yours!".

    His words were direct and honest!

    Chu Yu nodded, "General Du Yu, everyone here is family, our goals are all the same.".