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    Even Ye Mo’s skin had goosebumps when he was faced with this. The purple sword rays were immediately broken and turned into fireworks as they dissipated rapidly.

    The trap formation Ye Mo had formed with his sword rays became messy. Even Ye Mo couldn’t control the sword rays anymore. More than ten lightning orbs were heading towards him.

    He was spitting blood like crazy even when there weren’t that much lightning orbs, but now he was sure he would get injured even more heavily.

    Ye Mo quickly took back Zi Xu and gathered all his cultivation essence as he hacked out.

    Zi Xu turned into a purple ray that was ten meters long in his hand.

    *Thud thud thud*

    Zi Xu and a few lightning orbs clashed together making a heavy sound. Lightning orbs and purple rays scattered everywhere.

    The lightning orbs that weren’t blocked by Zi Xu struck the cauldron again. Ye Mo spat two more mouthfuls of blood and his face became pale.

    Ye Mo was sure that he had never faced such a hideous battle where the difference in power was this great.

    Ye Mo’s face became pale with the loss of blood. However, Ye Mo rejoiced as the power of the lightning orb was clearly not as powerful as before. This meant that the leopard was either injured or at least had greatly depleted of energy.

    Ye Mo used Illusion Cloud Formation Kill Strike again and signalled Jing Yingli to keep attacking the beast. They were going to stall the leopard to death if they had to.

    Jing Yingli saw Ye Mo spitting blood again and again and couldn’t help being amazed at this guy’s tenacity. Usually, a cultivator would be looking to run if they were this badly beaten. But for Ye Mo, the paler his face was, the more intense his battle intent.

    Jing Yingli was speechless that Ye Mo used the sword rays to trap the leopard again, it was already proven to not work but it seemed Ye Mo didn’t have any other method.

    Jing Yingli released the flute, planning to ambush the leopard. The flute emitted a sharp shriek.

    What surprised Jing Yingli was that Ye Mo didn’t keep using his kitchen knife to attack. Instead, he kept spraying out formation flags.

    This guy knew formations too? Jing Yingli looked at Ye Mo in shock. Ye Mo was younger than 100 years old, what formation could he set up in a rush? It would be at most level three. Fighting a level seven beast with a level three formation – Jing Yingli had to admit Ye Mo was crazy.

    Ye Mo’s purple sword ray formation collapsed under the lightning orb attack again and Ye Mo’s cauldron was struck once more. Ye Mo also spat out more blood and his face turned paler. Jing Yingli saw Ye Mo was fighting with his life and shook her head speechlessly. She didn’t choose to escape first. She believed that she would still have an opportunity to escape once Ye Mo was killed.

    This time, Jing Yingli didn’t hold back. She shot a few sound arrows with her flute. The sound arrows seemed to have materialized and even turned into extemely fast white mist. It pierced the sword ray formation that was just crushed by the Lightning Leopard and hit it.

    The Lightning Leopard was dazed briefly, and in this time, Ye Mo used the Illusion Cloud Formation Kill Strike right away. He threw out the formation flags even faster. The Lightning Leopard wasn’t as fierce as before, but Jing Yingli knew that even if the Lightning Leopard stood still and let them attack it, they wouldn’t be able to kill it quickly.

    She really didn’t understand why Ye Mo had to kill this Lightning Leopard. If they ran away this time, Jing Yingli was sure that the Lightning Leopard wouldn’t keep hunting.

    But she knew that Ye Mo wasn’t going to leave like this after paying such a price.

    With the flute attack, this Lightning Leopard took nearly 8 minutes before hacking open Ye Mo’s sword ray formation. But this time, Ye Mo didn’t keep using the purple sword rays to trap the Lightning Leopard. He even took back the octagonal cauldron.

    Just when Jing Yingli still dazed, Ye Mo suddenly said to her, "Retreat!"

    Jing Yingli heard this and immediately retreated. She thought Ye Mo was planning to escape and was planning to mock him.

    But before she could talk, Ye Mo threw out a few more formation flags as well as countless spirit stones. Suddenly, a formation appeared, trapping the Lightning Leopard.

    The leopard immediately realized that it was trapped and got very desperate. It started charging around everywhere trying to break free, but the formation seemed very sturdy. The Lightning Leopard spent a long time and wasn’t able to break free.

    In its desperation, it started spitting lightning orbs again, trying to break free.

    The lightning orbs struck the trap formation and had great effect, but everytime one broke the trap formation a little, Ye Mo would repair it with a few formation flags.

    Seeing this, Jing Yingli looked at Ye Mo in shock and said in disbelief, "You’ve set up such a level five trap formation in such a short time, you’re a level five formation great master?"

    Then, she felt she was speaking the obvious, if Ye Mo wasn’t a level five formation great master, how could he set up a level five formation? She sighed before Ye Mo could reply, "A level five formation great master under 100 years of age…"

    After a long while, she sighed. "I thought there were people smarter or more talented than me, but they were hard to encounter. But there really are such geniuses in the cultivation realm. A level five formation great master before 100 years, you’re probably only about 30 to 40 right?"

    Ye Mo didn’t answer. He didn’t want to think about such pointless questions. If she knew that formations were just a side skill for him and his main skill, pill concoction, was level four pill king level, what would she be like? If she knew he was cultivating 8 elements at the same time, would she commit suicide?

    Another 15 minutes later, the Lightning Leopard was clearly out of energy. But Ye Mo didn’t repair the formation anymore, he raised his hand and threw two lightning arcs inside.

    "You’re a lightning element cultivator too?" Jing Yingli was dazed again. Lightning element cultivators were very rare and they were the strongest in terms of battle power. She didn’t understand that since Ye Mo was a lightning element cultivator, why did he only use the lightning arc now? Why didn’t he use it before?"

    But even Ye Mo was surprised with himself. He saw that the lightning he used was black.

    "Your lightning is black?" Jing Yingli also noticed this.

    After his initial shock, Ye Mo immediately realized that after he devoured the World Mountain’s black lightning source, his lightning’s color must’ve changed.

    Ye Mo nodded. "Although I’m not a lightning element cultivator, I also cultivate lightning style."

    "You just used the Lightning Cloud Sect’s 11 Lightning Swords, but it’s different. I suggest you don’t use this everywhere or there could be really serious consequences," Jing Yingli reminded him.

    At this moment, Ye Mo appeared more and more mysterious in her eyes. He wasn’t a pure element cultivator but his speed was extremely fast and he was a very powerful fighter too.

    She said before that even if Ye Mo wanted to kill her, he wouldn’t be able to. Now, she didn’t dare to think that. If Ye Mo fought with her, just that sword ray formation was already hard enough for her to break.

    She couldn’t compare with the lightning leopard. If she was trapped and Ye Mo used that black lightning arc, she would be killed if she couldn’t run away. Plus, this nascent soul state level four was a formation great master. If he got stronger, how could he fear a 9-star sect?

    Ye Mo wasn’t going to use this in front of others even without Jing Yingli’s reminder. The reason he used this now was because it did the least harm to the Lightning Leopard’s skin.

    Jing Yingli was smart and knew why Ye Mo used the 11 Lightning Swords. She also helped Ye Mo attack with her flute.

    If Jing Yingli wasn’t here, Ye Mo would think of Shadowless for help, but now that she was here he didn’t need to call out Shadowless. Who knew if they would fight in the future?

    Little did Ye Mo know that if he didn’t fight with the Lightning Leopard and he had conflict with Jing Yingli, they might really fight, but because Jing Yingli saw this battle, she wouldn’t fight with Ye Mo, at least not here.

    The level seven Lightning Leopard couldn’t even self destruct its beast core and could only howl in pain before its death.

    Seeing that Ye Mo paid the price of heavy injury to kill the level seven Lightning Leopard, she was very speechless. If she didn’t see it with her own eyes, she would never believe a nascent soul state level four could kill a level seven Lightning Leopard.

    Ye Mo put away the formation flags and looked at the Lightning Leopard in joy. This was a level seven Lightning Leopard, Ye Mo could see a very good quality low grade or even middle grade cultivation artifact. He was injured, but it was worth it.

    "When I saw this Lightning Leopard, it was fighting with another level seven One-Horned Tiger. I wanted to wait until they were both injured, but the tiger ran off. The Lightning Leopard found me and vented its anger on me. I could only run, luckily I used you." Jing Yingli saw Ye Mo collect the Lightning Leopard’s materials with great expertise and sighed.

    Ye Mo heard this and stopped his actions before asking in surprise, "You’re saying before the Lightning Leopard fought with us, it had already fought with another level seven beast for a long while?"

    Jing Yingli nodded. "Yes. Otherwise, I suppose that even if you used your formation and the purple sword rays, you might not be able to kill this Lightning Leopard."

    Ye Mo fell silent. He knew Jing Yingli was right. If the Lightning Leopard wasn’t too exhausted from the fight before, his only option would be to run.

    His confidence had been inflated too much when he kept killing genius cultivators above his level. Ye Mo felt a sense of vigilance. If this continued, he would eventually pay a heavy price.

    "Oh, by the way, there’s another level seven Hollow Seed Fruit there. Now that the Lightning Leopard is gone, let’s go pick it." Jing Yingli saw Ye Mo fall silent and immediately remembered why she went to see the two beasts fight.

    "Okay." Ye Mo collected the skin and tendons before giving Jing Yingli the beast core. "This is for you."

    Jing Yingli quickly rejected. "You almost single handedly killed the Lightning Leopard, the beast core is the most valuable part of it, I can’t take it.

    Ye Mo smiled. "Without you, I wouldn’t have been able to kill the Lightning Leopard. Plus, I only need the skin to make a set of armor. As for other things, they’re precious but I don’t mind. And thanks for saving my life, you can have the Extreme Mirror back."

    Jing Yingli was very smart and she immediately realized that Ye Mo meant he already removed his soul mark.

    She casually shined the mirror at Ye Mo and saw there was no more shadow on Ye Mo’s back. She was immediately shocked. "You removed the soul mark yourself? How did you do it?"

    Ye Mo smiled, he wasn’t going to tell her he had the heaven flame. Jing Yingli smiled awkwardly. She felt she was impolite, how could he tell his trump card of removing the soul mark to her?

    But Jing Yingli felt this Ye Mo was not ordinary. She had seen many prodigal cultivators and felt she herself was a prodigy amongst prodigies, but never had a cultivator given her a feeling of immeasurable depth like Ye Mo.

    Jing Yingli took Ye Mo back to a very distant place and Ye Mo saw a small Hollow Seed Fruit tree. Ye Mo could there was about 20 Hollow Seed Fruits.

    They were like golden specks decorating the tree, it was beautiful. Ye Mo knew that once the Hollow Seed Fruit matured, it was yellow on the outside and red on the inside. It was not only a level 7 spirit fruit, but it was also very delicious. Although Ye Mo never had it, it was clearly explained in the Thing.

    But if that person wasn’t crazy, he wouldn’t eat the Hollow Seed Fruit like a normal fruit. It was something that culdn’t be bought even with tens of millions of spirit stones. Why would someone eat it extravagantly like a fruit?

    But Ye Mo really had this idea, he wanted to plant this tree inside his Golden Page World and use it as Yimo’s snack fruit.

    "There’re about 20 Hollow Seed Fruits, we’ll take ten each, what do you think?" Jing Yingli wouldn’t ask this before the battle, but now she needed to do so.

    Ye Mo nodded. "That’s great, you pick first, I’ll take the rest."

    "Okay." Jing Yingli quickly flew up and picked ten fruit.

    Ye Mo just wanted to pick his when his spirit sense noticed a cultivator flying over here rapidly. Ye Mo looked at the cultivator’s expression and knew he wanted the Hollow Seed Fruit too.

    Ye Mo sneered and released his flying sword before pulling the entire fruit tree up from the roots.

    "Wait!" A voice reached Ye Mo and Jing Yingli’s ears.

    Ye Mo acted as though he didn’t hear it and put the tree into the Golden Page World. Why would he wait when he got such good things? Was this guy’s head rusting?

    Jing Yingli heard the cultivator’s words and didn’t care about them at all. If the cultivator who just came wasn’t hollow spirit state, then she and Ye Mo didn’t need to worry at all. But she didn’t expect Ye Mo to be this crazy, he dug the entire tree away! At least leave something for people in the future.

    "Martial sister Yingli…" the male cultivator’s face didn’t look good, but he still greeted Jing Yingli.

    Jing Yingli also recognized this person. She could only reply, "So it’s martial brother Qilin from God Wind Valley, are you by yourself?"

    Qi Lin’s face wasn’t good, he scanned Ye Mo plainly before replying, "Yeah, I got separated from my martial sister but I saw a Hollow Seed Fruit tree here, but martial sister arrived a step before me."

    Ye Mo saw this Qi Lin was prettier than a woman, but he scorned him in his heart. This guy clearly knew that he had split the Hollow Seed Fruit with Jing Yingli and still brought it up. Did he want him to take them out? If he really did, then this guy was dreaming. Ye Mo also knew that Jing Yingli was reminding him that this guy came from 9-star sect God Wind Valley, and he shouldn’t just do things casually.

    Jing Yingli also knew what Qi Lin was thinking, but she said politely to Qi Lin while mocking him inside, "Martial brother Qi, we’ll be leaving."

    Qi Lin saw this and quickly asked, "Wait martial sister Yingli, who is this?"

    Jing Yingli quickly said, "This is our Abstruse Sound Sect’s inner sect member… my father sent three inner sect members to protect me in the Truth Fall Palace, now he’s the only one…"

    Then, Jing Yingli’s face seemed sad. Even Ye Mo had to admit her expression seemed too real.

    Since Jing Yingli said this, Qi Lin couldn’t bring up the Hollow Seed Fruit again. After all, they were from a 9-star sect too and they got the Hollow Spirit Fruit first. Why should they give it to him? If Ye Mo wasn’t from the Abstruse Sound Sect, he might try to force them out of him.

    Qi Lin could only watch as Ye Mo and Jing Yingli left, but he still looked at Ye Mo with bad intent. In his view, even though Ye Mo was Jing Yingli’s follower, he was a 9-star sect’s core disciple. Ye Mo should give him a few Hollow Seed Fruit.

    After a long while, Ye Mo asked, "Martial sister Jing, did your sect really send a few people to protect you and they all died?"

    Jing Yingli said with dejectedness, "Yes, my father sent those inner sect members, but ever since they went in the Truth Fall Palace forbidden grounds, they never came out… I’ve been wanting to tell you that if you don’t have an identity when you go out, you can use one of their identities and I will vouch for you."

    Ye Mo could tell that she wasn’t very sad that her three followers died, but more that it was because they were sent by her father.

    Ye Mo shook his head, he felt that there was too much drama in these big sects. But he still thanked Jing Yingli for giving him an identity.

    Kitsune – An eventfull time abroad "From now on, your name is Xi Pei. After you go out, you can leave by yourself and change names. I will go back and say that you didn’t listen to me and I killed you," Jing Yingli said indifferently.

    Hearing this, Ye Mo realized that those three guards weren’t just here to protect her. He nodded and didn’t ask why. It had nothing to do with him.

    After a long silence, Jing Yingli said, "That Qi Lin is the core disciple of God Wind Valley, nascent soul state level nine and ranked 17th on the nascent soul state trial tablet. You need to be careful."

    Ye Mo nodded, he probably was no match for the 17th ranked on the trial tablet yet. Cultivators weren’t like spirit beasts, the Lightning Leopard was level seven but it wasn’t intelligent. If it had intelligence, then even hollow spirit state primary stage cultivators were no match for it. So usually, ordinary cauldron filling state cultivators couldn’t beat level nine spirit beasts, since spirit beasts who were level nine usually had intelligence and some even began to morph into humans.

    "After you leave the Truth Fall Palace, what do you plan to do?" Because of Ye Mo’s show of power, Jing Yingli didn’t want to just use him, she even wanted to help him as perhaps he might pay her back in the future.

    With how smart Jing Yingli was, she could see the huge potential in Ye Mo.

    Ye Mo fell silent for a moment. He planned to go back to Mo Yue City and then entrust it to Xu Changjie to look after. Then, he would find a forgery great master to make the Lightning Leopard skin into an armor and prepare for breaking through to hollow spirit state.

    "I want to find a forgery great master and make the Lightning Leopard skin into an armor." Ye Mo didn’t tell her about Mo Yue City as she wasn’t a friend yet.

    Jing Yingli fell silent and said, "I know a forgery grand master, I will tell you his location and you can go see him. Another thing is…"

    She hesitated before continuing, "Although news of you killing Yuan Guannan and Tian Aofeng hasn’t been spilled, I suggest you find some support. 9-star sects like the Lightning Cloud Sect and the Infinity Sect have too much power, one slight thing might bring them to investigate you. So, you need to prepare yourself."