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    Next Chapter Bai Zhu’s expression was extremely tense. Although Fang Jinghe had some knowledge about the poison, he did not know why he felt that the matter was not that simple whenever he looked into Jun Wu Xie’s eyes.

    Fang Jinghe repeatedly searched Bai Zhu’s body in the eyes of the public. He checked using silver needles, bloodletting, and other methods. However, Fang Jinghe was stunned.

    Jun Wu Xie stared at the sparkling silver needle that she just pulled out from Bai Zhu’s body. Fang Jinghe involuntarily looked at Jun Wu Xie, her expression seemed extremely strange.

    "How’s it?" Long Yao asked coldly. Long Yao had recovered a little peace at this moment. He had the same thoughts as Fang Jinghe. Since Jun Wu Xie had said those words, it was necessary to bear the consequences.

    As long as Fang Jinghe found out the origin of the poison, Jun Wu Xie could no longer find trouble with them.

    Long Yao also believed that Jun Wu Xie would not easily let go of those who hurt her companions. By then, his plan could still be carried out!

    The anger had just disappeared at this moment. Long Yao looked at Jun Wu Xie’s eyes with a little less surprise but a little more ridicule.

    She was still too young to realise such a good opportunity to avenge him. Instead, Jun Wu Xie chose to take a gamble, which was simply killing herself.

    As long as this poison was settled, It did not matter anymore if Jun Wu Xie wanted to deal with Bai Zhu or Fang Jin He in the future. Long Yao had a perfect excuse to wipe it out.

    However, just when Long Yao was complacent about his plan, he didn’t realize that Jun Wu Xie’s eyes flashed a sneer.

    Trial Area "Lord Fang, what’s wrong with my poison … what happened?" Bai Zhu completely lost his mind to think about something else. He just wanted to know if he would survive.

    Fang Jinghe’s expression was tangled to the extreme. He stared at the silver needle in his hand, and said for a long while, "You … are you not poisoned?"

    When Fang Jinghe said this, everyone in the room was frightened. Long Yao couldn’t help showing a surprised expression, "Not poisoned? What does this mean?" Long Yao couldn’t believe it and asked.

    Fang Jinghe could only explain: "I have checked Bai Zhu all over, but he showed no signs of poisoning …

    Fang Jinghe was also dumbfounded. He had seen countless poisons and hundreds or thousands of poisons. But he had never seen any poison that could not be detected by using silver needles or bloodletting. No evidence of poisoning was found on Bai Zhu’s body. Bai Zhu’s body was normal and there was no toxin at all.

    Could it be that…

    Is this a trap intentionally set by Jun Wu Xie?

    She didn’t poison Bai Zhu at all, so she said that?

    Long Yao’s eyes suddenly looked at Jun Wu Xie. But Jun Wu Xie’s expression was very calm.

    "Yan Hai, did you poison Bai Zhu?"

    Jun Wu Xie glanced at Long Yao, then her eyes fell on Fang Jinghe.

    "It seems that the rumors are really not credible, and the so-called poison king is just nothing more than this."

    Fang Jinghe looked stiff. Among the Top Ten Experts, he did have the title of a poisoned king. This was what he had always been proud of. But for some reason, when this was said by Jun Wu Xie, it sounded sarcastic. – News of an Old Friend

    The purple-golden warship released strand after strand of immortal energy, clearly astonishing. It stopped over the center of the island, not that far from the All Dao Tree, only the lightning pools separating them.

    There were men and women on the ship, quite a few among them were extremely young. The men were heroic in appearance, women beautiful, every one of them swirling with white mist, style exceptional.

    These people weren’t simple at all, surrounded by immortal energy.

    "Is this real or fake, they all cultivated that much immortal energy?" Shi Zhong’s jaw dropped, crying out in shock.

    "It’s released by the purple-golden warship, that ship is extremely shocking" Mu Qing said. That was most likely an immortal artifact.

    These people came from Immortal Domain, because the imprints on that ship were extremely clear. Back then, when they faced the creatures of darkness, Immortal Domain’s war banner had precisely this type of imprints.

    "Who are you all?" On the ship, a middle-aged man looked over. It was as if golden lightning flickered through his eyes, tearing through the void as he looked at their side.

    "Shi Batian!" The Divine Striking Stone shouted out, announcing its own name like this.

    On the other side, a group of people revealed strange expressions. What kind of name was this? It was so tacky and inelegant.

    Even Shi Zhong, Zhu Lin, Emperor Butterfly and the others felt embarrassed for the stone, feeling like it really gave them a bad reputation.

    "Heh heh, this is somewhat amusing!" That middle-aged man looked at the Divine Striking Stone, carrying a faint smile.

    Shi Hao’s eyes were like lightning, sweeping over those people. He didn’t see anyone familiar. Was this a trip to temper Immortal Domain’s creatures?

    In that instant, both sides looked at each other, sizing each other up.

    Shi Hao revealed a strange expression. There were supreme beings on the other side, moreover not just one, actually two!

    Those youngsters’ strength ranged from Heavenly Deity Realm to Self Release Realm. They came for the All Dao Tree after all, was it to be given to someone among them?

    One had to understand that this tree was extraordinary, really exceptional. It was an unmatched precious seed the creatures of this world yearned for in their dreams!

    "You all are the creatures of the Nine Heavens Ten Earths?" The middle-aged man on the other side asked. He was one of the two supreme beings.

    "Indeed. Are you all from Immortal Domain?" Mu Qing spoke up.

    During this process, Shi Hao stood with Yun Xi, remaining calm and silent, only watching those people. He immediately thought about many people.

    Ten Crown King entered Immortal Domain, the dual-pupiled Shi Yi also went inside, there was also Qing Yi… Shi Hao released a light sigh!

    "Correct, we are the people ruled by Aocheng Immortal King." The middle-aged man said.

    Even though Shi Hao stood at the absolute peak, he was still shocked. This wasn’t the first time he heard the name of this immortal king, because he was just too famous.

    Aocheng Immortal King was one of the most ancient immortal kings, coexisting with the world. He was one of the most powerful experts of Immortal Domain, someone who overlooked the long river of time, high up above.

    In the past, the so-called Immortal Domain young great one who sent people to Void God Realm in search of the darkness creature, that so-called young great one was precisely Aocheng Immortal King’s direct descendant!

    This Aocheng Immortal King had lived for just too long, his magical force boundless, immortal might unmatched. He had previously even killed undying kings!

    In the past, during Immortal Ancient’s last phase, the other side achieved a great victory, but could only helplessly withdraw in the end, this was precisely because Immortal Domain sent out troops.

    The ones on the other side were rather satisfied with Shi Hao, Mu Qing, and the others’ appearances. It was because they were all shocked, who wouldn’t revere Aocheng Immortal King? Having this type of reaction was normal.

    "You all can leave. The All Dao Tree is the dao seed Aocheng Immortal King’s direct descendant needs." The middle-aged man said.

    Shi Hao’s expression became calm.

    Meanwhile, Zhu Lin, Shi Zhong, Cao Yusheng, and the others were shocked. This was but one of the world’s most powerful immortal kings! They actually ended up encountering his descendant.

    Even if it was Immortal Domain, when facing the Cultivationless Age, they still felt incomparable fear. They quickly closed the gateway between the two realms out of fear of it extending into Immortal Domain, triggering a great change there.

    If not for this, they wouldn’t have withdrawn at all.

    "Right, normally speaking, no one is willing to enter this realm. However, there are some divine fruits that have matured, so there is a need to take the risk to pick them." The middle-aged man said.

    He pointed at the All Dao Tree, his eyes landing on that tree.

    "Be more careful. Since we haven’t reached the true immortal domain, we can still go in and out once or twice." The middle-aged man then said.

    The two great supreme beings led the way, protecting a large group of youngsters. No wonder there weren’t any true immortals, it was actually because there were restrictions.

    If a true immortal descended, it would immediately cause a reaction in this place, bringing about huge changes. The Cultivationless Age’s corrosion would extend, possibly rush into Immortal Domain, causing a disaster.

    Of course, there were immortal kings overseeing that place, so it wasn’t like they couldn’t get rid of the calamity. However, a price still had to be paid. Normally speaking, immortal kings wouldn’t randomly take action.

    On the other side, within the young men and women, there was a woman with umber curved brows, her large eyes intelligent, good looks outstanding. She was currently sizing up Mu Qing and the others, carrying confidence.

    She suddenly spoke up. "Since you all are the people of the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, have you heard of Huang?"

    Mu Qing and the others were stunned. Who was she? She was actually looking for Huang!

    Shi Hao looked towards her. This woman was extremely beautiful, but she was a bit overconfident, carrying a bit of haughtiness. Her age wasn’t great, yet she had a bit of a feeling of being ‘proud of her age and experience’.

    "I have heard of him before. Why are you looking for Huang?" Shi Hao asked.

    "Someone wants me to send a message to Huang in his place. This is why I came into this realm with Aocheng Immortal King’s descendants." This yellow-clothed woman spoke with a sharp and clear voice, her eyes brilliant.

    "I am precisely Huang, you can speak." Shi Hao said.

    An uproar immediately erupted on the other side. There were clearly people who heard his name before. Even the two great supreme beings revealed surprised expressions.

    Meanwhile, that yellow-clothed woman was even more shocked. She stared at him, in the end, she moved her feet, walking towards this side. She said quietly, "Let’s please talk on the side."

    Shi Hao remained expressionless, following her.

    "My master is Qing Yi, also called Yue Chan. I am her disciple Luo Lin." The yellow-clothed woman Luo Lin said, directly stating her origins.

    Shi Hao’s expression now changed, never expecting her to actually be Qing Yi’s disciple. However, her talent really was quite extraordinary. He could sense her confidence. Even when facing him, she still had a type of arrogance.

    "It has been many years, my master wanted me to carry a message in her place, ask about an old friend." Luo Lin said, her eyes moving. When she spoke up to here, she stopped.

    "And?" Shi Hao asked.

    "Also, my master wishes to follow Aocheng Immortal King’s direct descendant, become dao companions with the young great one." Luo Lin’s large eyes shone, speaking like this.

    "These are the words Qing Yi wanted you to tell me?" Shi Hao looked at her.

    "They are!" Luo Lin raised her head, her tone arrogant and resolute.

    Shi Hao turned around to leave, no longer paying her any attention.

    "What is the meaning of this? Could it be that you don’t want to say anything at all? Don’t you think you should offer my master some blessings?!" Luo Lin was discontent, shouting from the back.

    Shi Hao turned around, coldly looking at her and saying, "No matter how heartless Qing Yi is, she wouldn’t have you deliver a message like this. Deceiving your master and belittling your ancestors like this, are you not scared that I’ll kill you right here?"

    "What deceiving master belittling ancestors, you are completely unreasonable. If you still cherish your friends, you ought to bless my master." Luo Lin said.

    Shi Hao’s face sunk, wisps of supreme being aura immediately circulating. Even this heaven and earth shook. This woman’s face immediately turned pale, her entire body shaking, feeling as if doomsday was descending. This pressure was hard for her to take, immediately falling weak onto the ground, shuddering all over.

    "You…" She was shocked and alarmed. In this realm, she was actually dealt with like this! At the same time, she was panicking. Huang was actually this powerful, feeling as if he was even more terrifying than Immortal Domain’s supreme beings.

    "I am very close to your master, your senior. Before me, you are still putting on airs, full of arrogance, even wishing to deceive me. If not for giving your master face, I would have killed you with a single strike." Shi Hao said coldly.

    "My master really is a perfect pair with Aocheng Immortal King’s descendant, a match made in heaven, you… do you not want this to happen?!" Luo Lin clenched her teeth, bracing herself and saying this. Moreover, she added, "If I were you, I would help others achieve happiness!"

    "Dao friend, bullying those weaker than you like this isn’t too good, right?" On the other side, that middle-aged supreme being spoke, his expression a bit cold.

    "Out of respect for my relationship with your master, I won’t bicker too much with you." Shi Hao turned around, no longer paying her any attention, restraining his supreme being aura.

    "Master, what is it? What did that woman say?" The crimson dragon asked.

    It was because the two of them communicated with spiritual senses, others couldn’t hear it.

    "The disciple of an old friend." Shi Hao shook his head.

    "Huang, you are going too far!" Luo Lin stood up, a bit resentful. She came from Immortal Domain, even if her cultivation wasn’t up to par with Huang, being suppressed to the point where she was shaking all over still left her feeling humiliated.

    "Since you are really my master’s old friend’s disciple, why don’t you respect him?" The crimson dragon shouted. In the past, he really wasn’t willing to acknowledge this cheap master of his, but he gradually changed these years, long acknowledging him.

    "You are Huang’s disciple?" Luo Lin was surprised, looking at the crimson dragon.

    "Daring, you dare act with disrespect again? Directly calling my master’s name, do you think that just because you are from Immortal Domain, you can strut around arrogantly?!" The crimson dragon berated.

    "Hmph, we are indeed stronger than your realm." Luo Lin said, carrying arrogance.

    "My master won’t lower himself to your level, so I’ll teach you a lesson in his stead." How fiery was the crimson dragon’s temper? In the past, he always bickered with his master. He naturally didn’t have any good expression to show this woman.

    "You think I’m scared of you? You are Huang’s disciple, so I’ll just fight against you today!" Luo Lin laughed coldly, directly taking the initiative to attack.

    Divine light erupted, great dao patterns appearing densely. She rushed over like a streak of lightning, fighting a great battle against the crimson dragon.