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    Everyone jumped in fright. Pulp Farmer was dressed in armor and looked majestic. He exuded a domineering air that made it unbearable for others to look at him straight.

    Pulp Farmer surveyed the crowd and said with a sneer, "A bunch of fools. Even if a hundred of you were to rush forward, none of you are Sunless’ match. Got it? If you do not want to be eliminated now, wait here obediently. This is not a suggestion but a warning. If you really want to attack together, go ahead. I’ll clean up all of you spicy chickens in a minute!"

    The moment this was said, everyone was immediately infuriated as they raised their weapons.

    "Fuck, that’s so arrogant!"

    "Brothers, can we still tolerate this? I want to kill him!"

    "Pulp Farmer, are you courting death!?"

    "No, he’s here to die in her place. He’s trying to buy time for Sunless!"


    The crowd’s anger could not be appeased. Pulp Farmer did not engage in any further banter with them as he raised his spear and aimed it at the crowd.

    Seeing that the battle was about to begin, Feng Yuanlin jostled out of the crowd and gestured with his hands, "Everyone, calm down! This is a good thing. Why are you stopping this?"

    Everyone looked at Feng Yuanlin with perplexed looks.

    This was a good thing?

    Feng Yuanlin said earnestly, "Think about it. If Pulp Farmer were to battle Sunless alone, we can sit back and wait for the internecine struggle to end so as to reap the eventual benefits. When the battle between Sunless and Pulp Farmer ends, there will be great losses regardless of the outcome. When the time comes, we can charge over. Wouldn’t we be able to eliminate the both of them as a result? If Pulp Farmer were to buy time for Sunless, that wouldn’t be a problem either. Sunless will clear the level and run away, but where is Pulp Farmer to run? When the time comes, we can join forces and eliminate him. We would still eliminate someone from the top ten. Think about it, how different is third and fourth place? So just let Pulp Farmer eliminate Sunless himself. If we are lucky, we can even eliminate the both of them together!"

    After Feng Yuanlin said this, everyone was dumbfounded as they fell silent.

    They realized what Feng Yuanlin said was very reasonable.
    The Corrupted Soul They had nothing to offer to his viewpoint.

    However… However, wasn’t Pulp Farmer just beside you? How can you vocalize such a shameless plot? Are you treating Pulp Farmer as a fool or as though he was deaf?

    However, Pulp Farmer was not angered. Instead he said with a laugh, "A very good suggestion. Follow what he had just said. Also, I have always been perfectly open in all my actions. Since I said I would eliminate Sunless, I would definitely use all my strength. I would not be like all of you and have such despicable thoughts."

    Once Pulp Farmer finished his sentence, he lifted his spear and walked forward. There were struggles in the eyes of the rookies blocking him, but they eventually chose to make way. The aura Pulp Farmer exuded was as formidable as a tiger. They really lacked the courage to stop him.

    And it had to be said that Feng Yuanlin’s words had really changed their minds.

    Even if they could not eliminate Sunless, they had every reason to vent their anger on Pulp Farmer. There was little effect to whichever person they eliminated. If they were lucky, they might be able to eliminate both!

    "Let’s go. Everyone form a circle. Do not let Pulp Farmer escape!"

    Immediately, someone whispered. Everyone immediately echoed it and began taking action. They formed a circle so as to attack at any time. They could also prevent Pulp Farmer from escaping.

    When Feng Yuanlin saw this, he gave a delighted smile to Liu Yu and Zhou Chuchu, who were beside him and said, "How was it? Wasn’t I awesome? Quickly, praise me! With just a few words, I had not only prevented a tough battle, I have also extricated us from this situation. Sigh, I feel as though I’m a reincarnation of a masterful genius."

    A dark look filled Liu Yu’s face as he said, "Aren’t you afraid that your words will enrage Pulp Farmer to slaughter you first?"

    Zhou Chuchu also rolled her eyes at Feng Yuanlin and said, "Your suggestion was tailored to trap Pulp Farmer."

    Feng Yuanlin smacked his lips and said, "Everything is within my plans. Anyway, Pulp Farmer is just a boor. He’s no way like a fairy like Sunless, so if I don’t con him, who should I con?"

    The two were left speechless.

    Nobody could be better than you in tricking someone with such righteous indignation.

    Pulp Farmer did not seem to mind that Feng Yuanlin’s words had ensnared him. He did not even seem to care about the grim situation of the crowd attacking him regardless of the outcome of the upcoming battle.

    Even though the rookies had formed a hundred-meters circle around Sunless, as well as him, Pulp Farmer only had eyes on one person.

    The person was the azure-dressed girl in front of him.

    However, Sunless did not even look at him. Her head was lowered as she looked at the sword in her hand. It was as though she only cared about swords.

    Pulp Farmer did not directly walk into the hundred-meter zone because he knew that once he took a step forward, Sunless’ sword beam would immediately come slashing at him. Without any hesitation, the battle would be triggered.

    However, before the battle began, Pulp Farmer had something to say. He focused on Sunless and said, "The world thinks I like you. Even your brother thinks so too. But in fact, I’m just like you, a fanatic. You are a sword fanatic, while I’m a martial arts fanatic. Other than martial arts, I do not like anything else, not now, never was, nor ever will be. So, I do not like you in any meaning of the word."

    With this said, the crowd were appalled. They never expected that the words Pulp Farmer said would be completely opposite to what they had been thinking.

    Sunless did not make any response, as though she had not heard his words.

    Pulp Farmer did not anticipate a response either as he continued, "It was rumored that I once said in a drunken stupor-Only this girl and her sword is something I can never forget. This rumor is true, but what I can never forget was the battle when I was ten… That time, I lost. I lost very thoroughly. You made me never forget that defeat. Therefore, I have always been watching you, desperately chasing after you. I’m very happy that you were like me, a fanatic. You are a fanatic in the way of the sword, and you have always been improving, never stagnating. Therefore, I never had the confidence of defeating you up to now."

    Pulp Farmer’s words shocked the crowd. They never expected that what Pulp Farmer found unforgettable was the defeat of a battle at the age of ten. However, for an amazing genius like Pulp Farmer, the number of times he lost to his peers was probably a handful, or maybe only once.

    Pulp Farmer’s expression suddenly turned cold as he said, "But I discovered that you recently changed… Other than you being fanatic in the way of the sword, you appear to have discovered other things that you like. Therefore, the way of your sword has begun to waver. You are unable to be wholeheartedly obsessed with the sword. You are no longer the purest sword fanatic! This discovery greatly disappointed me. I was infuriated as well as lost. This is because the Sunless that required me to put in great effort to chase after is about to disappear!"

    Sunless continued ignoring him as her head was lowered towards her sword. However, a look of perplexity flashed in her eyes.

    Pulp Farmer took a deep breath and said, "If I’m not wrong, the reason why your fanaticism for sword arts have wavered is because of a person. That person’s name is…Tu Dahei!"

    The moment Tu Dahei was mentioned, the expressions of many rookies changed. In fact, there were a number of people present who had experienced the counteroffensive on the Demon City. Tu Dahei was the City Destroyer Hero in their hearts!

    As for the rest, they remembered that this name had appeared in the official forecast. He was labeled as a mudslide among the rookies and was ranked at the most special zeroth place.

    The name, Tu Dahei, seemed to possess something magical about it. It made many people feel good vibes and had also made Sunless finally raise her head.

    When Sunless raised her head, her gaze finally left that sword. However, it did not seem to land anywhere else. Her eyes did not focus on anything and appeared unsettled. Anyone could tell that her beautiful eyes were filled with perplexity.

    "I believe you have not truly recognized your own feelings. This is because you are a pure sword fanatic. Other than swords, you have nearly zero other emotions. On this point, I’m inferior to you."

    Pulp Farmer said, "But you have been unsettled. This is the best proof. I will only ask you once. No, it should be you asking yourself seriously-Do you like Tu Dahei or not?"

    Everyone held their breaths. They never expected to hear such a bombastic question.

    The Best Actor’s Courtship: Miss Scriptwriter Please Love Me How could the purest sword fanatic, Sunless, who was like a snow lotus that could only be watched from afar, like Tu Dahei?

    How would Sunless answer this question? How long would it take for her, a person who had no idea about feelings, to understand this question?

    However, something contrary to all expectations happened. Sunless nodded her head without any hesitation. She even softly said a single word.


    Like, she liked Tu Dahei.

    Heartless had asked this question before. Back then, she had liked the sword arts heritage Tu Dahei had given her. She liked the sword aura from Tu Dahei’s body and liked the sword sparring in her consciousness with Tu Dahei. So she had nodded and said yes. Back then, she believed her answer was that she liked it.

    But in fact, what she liked was still a result of swords!

    Be it the sword arts heritage, the sword aura, or sword sparring, they were all related to swords. And Tu Dahei was just a prefix to all of this.

    But now, Sunless did not think so.

    The amount of effort Tu Dahei had put in for Mozzie and Kevin was something she had witnessed.

    She remembered the wise words Tu Dahei had said when imparting the upper form of the Kun Peng to her.

    When they encountered the Thousand Eye Demon Sovereign, Tu Dahei had forced himself to play the bad guy and had saved them through his wisdom. He dared to lead the Thousand Eye Demon Sovereign away and even successfully conquered the Thousand Eye Demon Sovereign. This was the first time Sunless was startled.

    That was a Level Lord. With their present strength, it was a terrifying existence that they were unable to put up even the slightest of resistance. However, Tu Dahei had managed to perfectly deal with it. His wisdom, courage, kindness, and sacrifice… If it were anyone in Sunless, Mozzie and company’s shoes, they would also feel touched and impressed.

    Hence, Sunless changed her mind.

    She still liked things that were related to swords. However, Tu Dahei was no longer an optional prefix. He was a unique and indispensable existence!

    Sunless nodded firmly. Her unsettledness was not because she liked Tu Dahei or not, but whether her like for Tu Dahei would waver her fanaticism towards swords.

    This was because she felt that…her Sword Truth had improved as a result!

    This was something that should not have happened. Her Sword Truth was Fanaticism.

    If she liked something else or someone else, it should have been weakened. Why did it end up improving?

    This made Sunless unsettled.

    The crowd obviously did not know the reason for Sunless’ unsettledness. They believed Sunless had affirmed her heart due to Pulp Farmer’s question.

    Everyone lamented.

    "Heavens, the goddess in my heart has fallen."

    "Fuck, this Pulp Farmer is a professional assist, right?"

    "This assist… I’m suspecting that Pulp Farmer is an accomplice hired by Tu Dahei!"


    Pulp Farmer did not expect Sunless to give such a resolute answer. His eyes turned cold as he coldly said, "You are no longer the Sunless of the past. By liking someone so resolutely, your Fanaticism Sword Truth will definitely be substantially weakened. I’m very, very disappointed! So, I will take back the victory I deposited with you. If possible, I wish the defeat in this battle would wake you up!"

    As Pulp Farmer said this, he took a step forward.

    This step placed him into the forbidden zone of a hundred meters.

    Sunless did not hesitate and slashed out. The sword beams that were like a hurricane startled the surrounding rookies’ mouths shut.

    Pulp Farmer’s eyes looked cold as he raised his spear and thrust straight at the hurricane-like sword beams!

    … Chapter 292: The Bullet that Changed the Outcome

    Somewhere in the mountains, three people were running. Right in front was a blond youth. Behind him was a cute girl with long orange-red hair. The girl was carrying another girl with short brown hair that had her eyes shut tightly.

    The three were obviously Kevin, Mozzie and Mu Yuesheng. They had quickly gathered together after arriving at the fifth level.

    However, Mu Yuesheng was currently unconscious, so Mozzie had to carry her.

    For a petite girl to piggyback another girl, while the guy accompanying her was running ahead as though he had turned a blind eye to it, made other rookies that they occasionally pass curse.

    Serves him right for being single his entire life.

    But in fact, no one would believe that with the possession of a Titan bloodline, Mozzie’s strength was actually much higher than Kevin’s. Piggybacking the light Mu Yuesheng was as simple as an ordinary person holding a book.

    Kevin obviously would not ask for a rebuff by requesting to carry her. Other than Mu Yuesheng refusing it, Mozzie would probably not agree to it as well.

    At this moment, they were running through the mountains. Mozzie’s speed was rather slow, but the expression on her face was filled with anxiousness and worry. From the looks of it, she was already working hard at speeding.

    Kevin was running in front and had deliberately slowed down. He turned back and said, "Don’t worry. Sunless will definitely be fine."

    Mozzie sighed and said, "Will we be able to make it in time?"

    Kevin hesitated for a moment and said with a nod, "Our position was just too far away from Sunless. With our present speed, ten minutes will probably pass by the time we arrive."

    Mozzie said with an aggrieved look, "What shall we do? Sister Yuesheng suddenly fell unconscious when she made her breakthrough. Sister Sunless is now in danger, yet we can’t even help her…"

    Kevin lowered his head slightly. He truly could not think of a solution to the problem at the moment. In fact, he was somewhat confused and bewildered.

    Kevin could only console her, "Mu Yuesheng suddenly fell unconscious when she broke through to the tenth level of the Psionic Mortal Realm. It probably has something to do with her constitution. I think she will probably recover after resting for a while. Sunless and most of the rookies are on completely different levels. Even if she’s surrounded, I believe she will probably be able to handle it. What we can do now…is to do our best to rush over. Furthermore…Shi Xiaobai should have already reached the fifth level. He must have a solution!"

    Kevin thought, if Shi Xiaobai was around, he would definitely be able to think of a solution very calmly in the present situation. As for him, he could only repeat the word ‘probably’… The gap between him and Shi Xiaobai was just too great.

    Mozzie’s eyes lit up as a glimmer of hope flashed in them. She said softly, "Yea, Lord Shi Xiaobai must be rushing to help Sister Sunless. He will definitely be able to protect Sister Sunless. Maybe he will be able to treat Sister Yuesheng as well. Let’s hurry over there. I’m very worried about Sister Yuesheng’s physical condition."

    After Mozzie said this, she gritted her teeth and sped up. She secretly told herself that she had to work hard at cultivating movement techniques in the future.