• As he gazed at this black cliff, he once more felt that mysterious feeling.

    If he had not at first mistaken her for an Elf girl, would they have ended up together earlier? If, on that day by the Tong River, he waited for just half a day more after reading that letter, could he have ridden the crane with her and come here together? If she were…[Read more]

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    ‘Kid, you better not have fooled me. Whether this big sister succeeds or not depends on this!’

    She aimed at the spot and channeled all her psychokinesis into the rock before stabbing. This stab cut through feather and flesh like tofu.

    Splurt! Fresh blood flew everywhere. The female falcon issued a terrible cry, its body tilting to one side…[Read more]

  • Di Bei Chen’s eyes locked onto these floating green fruits, his beautiful eyes full of shock. "These… can these be Yuanli Guo?"

    Yuanli Guo was a condensed form of Yuan Li. They were not real fruits but instead made by the power of a cultivator.

    Yuanli Guo had a great effect on cultivators. If one were to absorb these Yuanli Guo, they…[Read more]

  • "Child, let me ask you, why were you able to use Han Bing’er’s Divine Ice Soul Sword?" The First Lady asked with a frown.

    Hearing the question, Little Fatty inwardly heaved a sigh of relief. Then, pointing towards ShuiJing, "I don’t know, ask her. Junior sister ShuiJing recommended me to do it!"

    When she heard that, ShuiJing did not know…[Read more]

  • The effects of the pill were so miraculous that Ouyang Hua found himself stunned by how fast it worked. There was a flash of light that exploded from his body before his wounds began to knit together and his soulforce already start to replenish itself!

    "Watch out!!"

    He cried out in warning. While Zi Jin was healing him…Lin Dongxiao was…[Read more]

  • "Relax. No one else out there is more genuine than us," Young Master Han assured.

    "Can you first demonstrate it for us to see?" One of the potential customers suggested a test as clarification.

    "Sorry, but we’re temporarily not starting up lesson until we reach the required number of participants," Young Master Han said firmly.…[Read more]

  • Yang Chen’s eyes lit up, previously seeing Lin Ruoxi drive the luxurious Bentley Arnage made his hands itch, but he had no money to buy a car. He had been envious all this while, yet now he can get such a car for free? Chapter 15: My Wife Is A Rich Woman

    "Oh these cars, Miss usually doesn’t use them. They were all given to her by business…[Read more]