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    ‘Kid, you better not have fooled me. Whether this big sister succeeds or not depends on this!’

    She aimed at the spot and channeled all her psychokinesis into the rock before stabbing. This stab cut through feather and flesh like tofu.

    Splurt! Fresh blood flew everywhere. The female falcon issued a terrible cry, its body tilting to one side as it plummeted towards the ground.

    It was a bird after all so its natural instinct to fly kicked in when it was falling. Although its flight was awkward, at least it didn’t smash straight into the ground and luckily managed to make its way just above the deep pool.


    Ning Xuemo immediately released her grip. Her body fell into the deep pool.

    "Splash! Strongest Viking Dynasty Splash!" A soft splash was followed by a louder splash.

    A moment later, Ning Xuemo surfaced and noticed the female falcon’s body drifting not far from her.

    ‘Mission accomplished!’ She finally managed to take revenge with her own strength!

    There was still another falcon. Its mate had died in her hands, so it would definitely seek revenge. Chapter 197 – Memeda, Darling!

    Heavenly Jewel Change There was still another falcon. Its mate had died in her hands so it would definitely seek revenge. When Ning Xuemo surfaced, she was already prepared, the sharp stone in her hand held in a ready stance to guard against the male falcon’s attack. She was planning to use that opportunity to grab onto that falcon’s leg…

    "Eeek~" She heard the sharp shrieking of the male falcon. Its large body took to the skies and in just a short while, turning into a small black dot before disappearing…

    Ning Xuemo "…"

    ‘Weren’t falcons supposed to be the most loyal and devoted in love?’

    ‘One monogamous pair for life, when its mate died it wouldn’t continue living…’

    A famous poet had even once wrote a famous poem about it: ‘Ask the world, what is love, for a couple to share life and death. A pair flying from the southern sky to the northern land, how many times have their old wings experienced the cold winter and the scorching summer? Together is bliss, bitter is the parting…'[1][2]

    ‘Such a classic poem from ancient times was actually a lie?! Can you not be this deceptive?!’

    Even if it didn’t commit suicide to join its mate in death, at the very least it should take revenge for her death! Just what was it doing by flapping its wings and taking off?

    Ning Xuemo felt her three views[3] collapsing.

    "Hurry up and get up here. In just a few hours, you’ve already jumped thrice into this lake now." A cool voice sounded from above her head; it was the child.

    Ning Xuemo hopped onto the shore, whereupon she discovered a special property of her clothing. They were actually waterproof.

    After she had made her way to the shore, her clothes remained as elegant as before. Furthermore, they were not stained with even a bit of blood.

    This little guy was very generous to have actually given her such a great set of clothing!

    She beamed as she hauled the little guy off the rock and smacked a kiss on his lips. "Memeda, darling!"

    The little child "…"

    He calmly lifted his hand to wipe his lips. He hasn’t even known her for a day and already had three kisses stolen!

    What made him feel ashamed was that he was actually somewhat getting used to it!

    He wasn’t as adverse to her "surprise attack" as the previous two times.

    She didn’t know his identity so he just let her kiss him.

    "Memeda means kiss?" He asked.

    "Hn!" Ning Xuemo answered before excitedly setting him down. Her eyes looked at the large bird floating in the middle of the water. "This is the first creature in the 9th mountain that I killed myself. I’m going to go get its crystal core!"

    She had already rolled up her sleeves when the child immediately stopped her. "There’s no time for that! If you don’t want to be surrounded by a group of beasts, you should leave quickly!"

    Ning Xuemo knew that his experience on this mountain was plentiful, so she didn’t continue questioning and simply lifted her arms to hug him. "I’ll carry you and run!"

    Although the little guy had some ability, his legs were too short and wouldn’t be able to keep up with her pace…

    His body slightly dodged. "Carrying me with your arms won’t be convenient, carry me on your back instead!" Without waiting for a reply, he jumped onto her back.

    "Which direction will get us out of the mountain quicker?" Ning Xuemo asked.

    "To the east!" He was obviously very familiar with this place.

    Ning Xuemo immediately started sprinting towards the east.

    She only just made it to the mountain pass before she heard the howls of many wild beasts behind her. The invisible killing intent in the howls caused the ground under her feet to tremble slightly.

    From the sounds of it, the types of creatures that entered the valley weren’t from the same species. None of them chased after her…

    Ning Xuemo let out a faint sigh of relief. Fortunately, she had run away fast enough!

    Legend Of Maitai Otherwise, with her small body, she wouldn’t be enough for those beasts to share.

    In the east, there was no path only a fan-shaped cliff. The cliff was extremely steep but luckily there was plenty of vegetation to serve as footholds. Ning Xuemo’s qinggong was good, so ascending the cliff wasn’t too arduous.

    [1] The poet who wrote the poem is Yuan Haowen, a famous Jin Dynasty’s poet. He was born during the peak of Jin Dynasty’s prosperity and experienced the declined of the dynasty in his older days. For more informations, click here.

    [2] The name of the poem written by Yuan Haowen is called "The Tune of the Wild Geese’s Tomb". It’s also known as one of the most popular Chinese love poems. For the complete translations of the poem which we based our translations on, click here. It’s the seventh poem.

    [3] The three views refer to the views you have of the World, the views you have of Life and your values (morals, ethics, etc.). Chapter 198 – When She Will Called Him Grandpa…

    The little kid was exceptionally obedient. He stayed on her back the entire time, both his hands lightly hugging Ning Xuemo’s neck.

    His breathing was extremely soft, making Ning Xuemo almost unable to sense his breathing.

    And his weight was clearly lighter than other children his age, only weighing around five kilograms.

    So despite Ning Xuemo carrying him on her back, she did not feel tired at all and could easily climb up the cliff.

    On the way, the two of them ran into quite a few magic beasts. The little guy was exceptionally hard-working today; without waiting for Ning Xuemo to react, he would have already acted, sending several magic techniques to crush those beasts. Those magic beasts did not even get anywhere near them before they fell dead on the ground.

    Ning Xuemo discovered that the techniques he used were different depending on the type of beast. Some lights he shot out were yellow, others white, while some were green or blue. Every single technique contained the restraining element of the magic beast he was dealing with, making the magic beasts unable to even retaliate and die after a few attacks…

    "In the end, what’s your elemental attribute?" Ning Xuemo was depressed. "Wasn’t it said that all geniuses had affinity in one element, with the occasional dual element?"

    The few people she knew followed that principle.

    For example, Ji Yunhao possessed the metal element while Ji Yunhuang had both the wood and fire elements. As for Number Two, he had affinity with the water element…

    Yet the techniques this little guy released came from the five elements. Furthermore, they were released very fluidly.

    "I am an extraordinary person." The child cooly answered her with this.

    That was true, he was not a human but a ginseng spirit who had cultivated for 10,000 years.

    "Little kid, come and give big sister another ginseng. I’m hungry."

    "Little girl, I’m older than you! Even if you call me grandpa, I might not accept you, so stop with the ‘big sister this’ and ‘big sister that’." The child’s voice turned colder while speaking these old-fashioned words.

    "Hahaha! of course I know that your age is more than 10,000 years old. However, who asked you to look like a child? If you have the ability then turn into an adult, then I’ll call you grandpa." Ning Xuemo smiled.

    The child pursed his lips. He did not wish to stoop down to her level, so he closed his eyes slightly.

    He knew that one day she would call him grandpa…

    "That’s right! After all, we can be considered to have shared life and death together and, after knowing you for so long, I still don’t know your name. Do ginseng spirits have names?"

    The child paused slightly before calmly speaking. "Just call me Jiuzun."

    "Jiu Zun? This name sounds fancy. A human emperor is also known as ‘Jiu Wu Zhi Zun'[1]! If it was known to that old emperor, I foresee he will slap you will the crime of being disrespectful to him."

    "He can’t bother about me." The child’s voice was still as calm as before.

    That was true, this ginseng spirit was the deity of the 9th mountain. The emperor in the human world simply didn’t know about his existence. Naturally, he would not bother about him.

    Ning Xuemo thought for a bit. "Then how about I just call you Little Jiu or Little Zun? I feel like calling you Little Jiu is better."

    "Call me Jiu Zun!" On this point, the little guy would not take a single step back.

    Fine, since he insisted then she would not quarrel with him over this minor matter. "Little Jiu Zun, are you the ninth kid in your family?[2]" ‘Could there’s actually nine ginseng spirits?’

    A green vein popped out on his forehead but he spoke in a calm voice. "I have no siblings."

    "Then you chose this name yourself?"

    "…Something like that."

    ‘No wonder! Seems like this little guy is quite ambitious. To be influenced to such an extent by the human literary culture that he wanted to call himself a sovereign…’

    This name was very lofty and did not seem like it was a name someone would have.

    But he was a ginseng spirit, so no matter how weird of a name he had it was not strange.

    [1] In Ancient China, numeral are separated into Yin and Yang. Odd numbers are Yang. Whereas, Even numbers are Yin. Jiu () is 9 which is the highest odd numbers, while Wu () or five is the number which is right in the middle of 0-10. Five is considered as the right-path. So, 9 and 5 are all Yang number and represent a monarch’s authority.

    [2] Jiu () is the Chinese word for nine. Since he is Jiu Zun, it’s like calling him Ninth Zun. Example: Some parents name their children like this like Da () Huang, which refers to the eldest child while Er () Huang refers to the second child. Chapter 199 – Taking Responsibility of Her?

    While the two were having this conversation, another lizard-shaped beast was exterminated.

    The lizard’s attack speed was extremely quick and the fireballs it spit out were no joke; They could even melt stones in an instant!

    If Ning Xuemo had to deal with it on her own, she would not even be able to take one of its attacks.

    However, she had this little ginseng spirit to help her. They co-operated without a hitch. She was in charge of dodging the attacks that came their way, while he was in charge of sending out attacks. In only two or three moves, that lizard went to meet its maker.

    Ning Xuemo had not held much hope for walking out of the 9th mountain before. But now, her confidence received a large boost.

    With this little guy by her side, it was like she was using game cheats! Battles were much more straightforward!

    She had to think of a way to keep him by her side…

    "Little Jiu Zun, do you have any plans for the future?"

    "Don’t called me little!" ‘Does this damn girl have to add this word?’

    "Fine, Jiu Zun, you aren’t thinking of spending your whole life on this mountain right?"

    "It’s unlikely." Jiu Zun was extremely frank.

    ‘That’s good! It seems like this ginseng spirit wanted to explore the world.’

    Oh right, he knew about affairs that happened in the world so it seemed like he frequently descended the mountain…

    "Jiu Zun, you saw me naked!" Out of nowhere Ning Xuemo shot out this sentence.

    "There’s nothing worth seeing." Jiu Zun gave the answer he thought most appropriate.

    Ning Xuemo resisted the urge to toss him off, but she continued to reason with him. "Even if you didn’t see those parts, you still saw me naked! You know that, in this world, if a girl’s body was seen naked by others, it would be counted as losing their purity…"

    "Your point?" Jiu Zun’s dark blue eyes narrowed slightly, his voice containing a faint coldness.

    "My point is you have to take responsibility." Ning Xuemo replied in a righteous tone.

    "Take responsibility? You mean marrying you?" No emotions were discernable in Jiu Zun’s voice.

    "No need for that!" Ning Xuemo waved her finger. "It took you this long just to grow to this age, by the time you’re an adult I reckon I would have died and completely decomposed by then. I can’t wait that long!"